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Non Owner SR22 Insurance Texas

Non Owner SR22 Insurance Texas

Non owner SR22 insurance Texas is high-risk liability insurance that’s required to reinstate your driver’s license. You must keep the non owner insurance policy current while the state requires you to have it. Non owner SR22 insurance covers only you when driving a borrowed vehicle on an occasional basis. That’s why it’s also called named driver liability insurance.

Finding the right company to file your non owner SR22 insurance Texas certificate can be easy or frustrating. Some SR22 providers outside the state do not have a license to sell SR22 insurance in Texas. Unlicensed agents may indicate that they’re licensed by referring to the operating license of the company’s principal owner. But doing that is not legal. It’s expensive for an insurance company or for individual agents to have a license in every state where they operate. Some non owner SR22 insurance companies may not be able to pay the licensing fees or may not qualify for a license in the state of Texas.

How to find a reputable non owner SR22 Texas insurance provider

When you’re looking for a non owner SR22 insurance Texas provider, you can verify if you’re dealing with a licensed agent. Just ask a few simple questions before purchasing your policy. For instance, ask:

  • “Are you licensed in the state of Texas to sell SR22 insurance?”
  • “What is your Texas producer license number?”

Then you can verify the agent’s license credentials on the Texas Department of Insurance website.

UltraCar Insurance has agents licensed in the state of Texas to sell non owner SR22 insurance.

Factors that affect your SR22 insurance rate

  • Age: Younger drivers usually pay a higher premium than older drivers.
  • Area: Areas with high-density populations have higher premiums than less populated rural areas. That’s why you may see a change in your insurance rate if you move to a different zip code. Sometimes you will pay more, and other times less.
  • Prior Insurance: All insurance companies offer a discount if you’ve had continuous insurance coverage for a year or more (even if it’s non owner insurance).
  • Owning a home: If you own a home, you’ll be able to take advantage of a home ownership discount on SR22 insurance.
  • Married: Married people often receive an auto insurance discount.
  • Moving violations: The number of moving violations you have has the most influence on your rate. Usually, if you’ve had a moving violation in the past 3-5 years, it will affect your SR22 insurance rate (even if you paid it).
  • Paid in full premium: You’ll receive a discount if you pay your entire premium term in full.

Limitations of non owner SR22 insurance Texas

It’s important to know that non owner insurance coverage limits the types of vehicles you can drive and exclude certain types of coverage.

  • Non owner SR22 insurance is liability-only coverage on one person, the named insured.
  • Coverage applies only when you drive a borrowed vehicle on an occasional basis.
  • You are not covered when driving vehicles owned by others in your household or cars you can drive regularly.
  • Non owner coverage does not apply to rental, commercial, or employment-related vehicles.

Get more information about reinstating a driver’s license on the Texas DPS website.

UltraCar Insurance invests in our agents by training them and licensing them in Texas. You’ll get no-pressure, experienced advice, and thorough answers to your questions. We never advertise that we have the cheapest Texas non owner insurance rates. However, we can offer you low prices from top insurance companies. We do our best to earn your business on a long term basis. Be sure to call us when you need Texas non owner SR22 insurance.

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