Non Owner SR22 Insurance Utah

Non Owner SR22 Insurance Utah

When you're not a vehicle owner, get license reinstatement with non owner SR22 insurance Utah. Start a quote now.

Non Owner SR22 Insurance Utah

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Utah drivers who do not own a vehicle and want to reinstate their suspended license must purchase non owner SR22 insurance Utah. A non owner SR22 certificate is not tied to a vehicle. Instead, a non owner SR22 certificate is written to cover any vehicle the policyholder may borrow to drive on an occasional basis.

The Utah Department of Motor Vehicles (DVM) requires non owner SR22 insurance Utah to be purchased as a condition license reinstatement. The SR22 certificate guarantees the statethat the driver is covered by the minimum amount of liability insurance the state requires. The insurance provider monitors the SR22 policy to ensure that it does not lapse or expire during the required time period. SR22 insurance is usually required to be carried for three to five years in Utah. It is very important for the driver to maintain non owner SR22 insurance Utah without interruption during this time, or the insurance provider will file an SR26 form with the Utah DMV. This results in immediate suspension of the driver’s license once again.

Non owner SR22 insurance Utah provides liability only coverage, and acts as secondary insurance to a vehicle owner’s primary insurance coverage. If the non owner SR22 policyholder is involved in an at-fault accident while driving a borrowed vehicle, the non owner SR22 policy will any pay claim amounts over and above the vehicle owner’s coverage limits.

The following limitations apply to a non owner SR22 insurance Utah policy:

  • It is only for individuals who do not own a vehicle
  • It is liability only coverage – comprehensive or collision cannot be added
  • It does not cover vehicles in the policyholder’s household
  • It does not cover vehicles that are frequently driven by the policyholder
  • It is not valid coverage for commercial vehicles or rental vehicles

If a vehicle is purchased during the time period you are required to carry SR22 insurance, you will need to convert to an owner SR22 insurance policy.

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