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SR22 Insurance Utah

SR22 Insurance Utah

It’s extremely important to be financially responsible when operating a vehicle. That’s why a consequence of driving without liability insurance includes license suspension. SR22 insurance Utah is required for license reinstatement. It guarantees that you’ll be properly insured while you have a restricted license. If your SR22 policy lapses even once, you’ll immediately lose your driving privileges.

Driving without liability insurance can result in suspension of your license, requiring you to purchase SR22 insurance Utah for license reinstatement. Utah requires all drivers to carry minimum liability insurance coverage. This is to ensure that they’re financially responsible for injury or damage caused by their driving errors.

Reasons you may be required to carry SR22 insurance Utah:

  • Uninsured or under-insured driving
  • Refusal to consent to a DUI test
  • DUI or DWI offenses
  • Drug offenses
  • Excessive points on your Utah DPS record
  • Legal judgments
  • Child support matters

After a license suspension, Utah requires you to obtain SR22 insurance Utah, a type of high risk insurance, as a condition for reinstating your license. SR22 insurance is a financial responsibility form that is endorsed to your auto insurance policy. When you purchase an SR22  certificate, your insurance provider files it with the Utah Department of Public Safety (DPS). Your SR22 policy is then monitored for a period of three to five years. If you let the policy lapse during that time, an SR26 form is filed with the DPS, resulting in another license suspension of your license. To regain driving privileges again, you will need to go through the reinstatement process again, which involves payment of additional fines and/or fees.

SR22 insurance Utah without a vehicle

What if you have no car but need SR22 insurance? If you don’t own a vehicle you’ll need to purchase a non owner SR22 insurance Utah certificate to reinstate your license. A non owner SR22 policy achieves the same result as an owner SR22 policy. However, since there is no vehicle to insure, the SR22 certificate is attached to a non-owner insurance policy. Non owner SR22 insurance Utah covers you when operating a non-owned vehicle on an occasional basis.

You’ll find more details about obtaining a regular limited license or a DUI-related limited license on the Utah DPS website.

A number of factors determine SR22 insurance costs. UltraCar Insurance will help you get the lowest rate possible for SR22 insurance Utah. Feel free to call with any questions or concerns, or click the quote button to start a quote now.

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