Vermont Non Owner SR22 Insurance

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Vermont Non Owner SR22 Insurance

Vermont Non Owner SR22 Insurance

Vermont non owner SR22 insurance is a certificate endorsed to a non owner insurance policy. Non owner insurance allows you to reinstate your driver’s license if you don’t own a vehicle. Filing an SR22 certificate means you commit to being insured when operating a motor vehicle. This commitment is backed up by ensuring immediate suspension of your driving privileges if you fail to keep the policy in force for a required time period.

Reinstating your suspended driver’s license when you don’t own a vehicle starts with purchasing a certificate called Vermont non owner SR22 insurance. Non owner SR22 is a certificate of financial responsibility that is filed with the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles as a condition for license reinstatement. You will be required to keep the non owner SR22 policy in force without interruption for a specified period of time – typically three to five years in Vermont.

How does Vermont non owner SR22 insurance work?

When you purchase a non owner SR22 insurance certificate, it’s filed by your insurance provider with the Vermont DMV. The SR22 financial responsibility form is considered a guarantee of future insurance coverage. Therefore, the status of your policy is monitored to ensure it is kept in force. Your insurance provider is obligated by law to alert the DMV if the coverage lapses by filing an SR26 form. When this happens, the DMV will re-suspend your license.

Rather than insuring a specific vehicle as an owner SR22 policy does, Vermont non owner SR22 insurance covers you if you drive a non-owned vehicle. Non owner SR22 insurance coverage is secondary to a vehicle owner’s primary insurance. If you’re involved in an at-fault accident while driving a borrowed vehicle, the vehicle owner’s insurance pays claims up to its maximum limits. Your non owner SR22 policy then pays additional claim amounts, if any.

Limitations of Vermont non owner SR22 insurance:

  • It’s only for individuals who don’t own a vehicle
  • It is written for one person only
  • It is liability only coverage; comprehensive or collision coverage cannot be added
  • Does not cover any vehicles in your household
  • It won’t cover vehicles you drive frequently
  • It doesn’t cover commercial, rental or employment-related vehicles
  • See non owner insurance coverage for more information about non owner insurance limitations

What if I buy a vehicle while I’m carrying Vermont non owner SR22 insurance?

You are required to keep your SR22 policy in force for the duration of your license suspension period. If you initially needed a non owner SR22 policy and later purchase or receive a vehicle registered in your name, you will need to switch to a Vermont owner SR22 policy. Be sure to contact your insurance provider before buying a vehicle so this conversion can be registered with the state.

You can learn more about driver’s license suspensions and reinstatement on the Vermont DMV website.

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