Non Owner SR22 Louisiana

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Non Owner SR22 Louisiana

Looking for Louisiana SR22 without a car?

Non owner SR22 Louisiana is a financial responsibility certificate endorsed to a non-owner insurance policy. You will need to file this certificate to reinstate your driver’s license when you don’t own a vehicle. You’ll carry this insurance at all times while the state requires it, so you’ll be insured when driving a borrowed car on an occasional basis.

When you have a suspended license, and you don’t own a vehicle, you’ll need to purchase non owner SR22 Louisiana to reinstate your license. States require insurance is to make sure that individuals can compensate others for injury or property damage if they cause an accident.

When the state suspends your license, insurance companies consider you high risk. The state wants all drivers to have insurance, but especially high-risk drivers, even those who don’t own a car. The non owner SR22 Louisiana certificate is a way for the state to make sure high-risk drivers have adequate insurance when driving a vehicle. In most cases people must carry this insurance for three years.

How does non owner SR22 Louisiana insurance work?

Non owner insurance coverage is secondary insurance in case you cause an accident when driving a non-owned vehicle. The vehicle owner’s primary insurance pays claims up to the limit of the policy. Your non owner insurance policy pays claim amounts that exceed the vehicle owner’s primary insurance coverage.

Non owner insurance coverage

A non owner policy covers any non-owned vehicle you drive on occasion. It does not cover:

  • Cars you can drive frequently
  • Vehicles owned by others in your household
  • Rental, commercial or employment-related vehicles

The owner of any vehicle you drive must carry insurance on it. You should never drive a car if the owner hasn’t insured it. Non owner insurance does not cover damage to the car you borrow to drive or injury to passengers in that vehicle. It only covers claims by the other party involved if you cause an accident.

Non owner insurance cost

Non owner SR22 Louisiana insurance premiums vary from one provider to another. How SR22 insurance costs are determined involves the same factors as standard auto insurance. Price is not the only consideration, however. It’s also vital for the terms of an SR22 policy to meet your requirements.

See the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles (OMV) website for more information about suspensions and driver reinstatement.

NOTE: If you do own a vehicle, you’ll need an SR22 insurance Louisiana certificate.

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