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SR22 Insurance Louisiana

SR22 Insurance Louisiana

Getting your license reinstated will require you to buy SR22 insurance Louisiana during your license suspension period. SR22 is a certificate that’s filed with the Louisiana OMV that guarantees you have minimum liability insurance coverage to operate a vehicle. Louisiana SR22 can be bought if you own a vehicle, or if you don’t.

When your license has been suspended, you will need to purchase SR22 insurance Louisiana, a high risk insurance certificate, to reinstate your license. When you own a vehicle, the SR22 certificate will be endorsed (added on) to your auto insurance policy. The SR22 filing guarantees the state that you will keep the policy tied to it up to date for a specified time period – usually three years.

How do I get SR22 insurance Louisiana?

You will choose an insurance provider to complete your SR22 certificate and file it with the Louisiana OMV. This filing allows your license to be reinstated. Your SR22 policy is monitored while you’re required to have it to ensure that it remains in effect without any interruption. If the policy lapses or is canceled, your insurance provider informs the Louisiana OMV by submitting an SR26 filing. This results in re-suspension of your license. Letting your SR22 obligation lapse is a costly mistake you should avoid so you won’t have to pay additional reinstatement fees and penalties.

Two types of SR22 insurance

There are two types of SR22 insurance Louisiana certificate: owner and non owner.

  • Owner insurance (also called an owner-operator policy) is for individuals who own a vehicle. With an owner-operator policy you can get liability only or full coverage insurance.
  • Non owner SR22 Louisiana is for individuals who do not own a vehicle. Non owner policies provide liability only coverage, since there is no vehicle being insured. Instead, the policy covers you when you drive a borrowed vehicle on an occasional basis. There are limitations to what types of vehicles you can drive with non owner insurance coverage.

The Louisiana OMV website has more information about suspensions and driver reinstatement.

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