Non Owner Car Insurance Indiana

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Non Owner Car Insurance Indiana

Non Owner Car Insurance Indiana

Non owner car insurance Indiana is SR22/SR50 insurance. When you don’t own a vehicle, these certificates are attached to a non owner insurance policy. The certificates are then filed with the Indiana BMV in order to reinstate your license. Non owner insurance covers you alone for liability when you drive a vehicle you don’t own.

If you commit certain motor vehicle offenses, the state of Indiana may suspend or revoke your license. When you don’t own a vehicle, you’ll need to buy non owner car insurance Indiana to reinstate your driving privileges while your license is suspended. Your insurance provider will write you a non owner insurance policy with an SR50 and SR22 endorsed to it.

These documents are filed with the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) to initiate license reinstatement. The Indiana SR50 certificate proves that you are currently properly insured. The Indiana SR22 certificate guarantees the the state that you will remain properly insured for a specified period of time in the future. In most cases you’ll be required to carry non owner car insurance Indiana for three years. The length of time can vary from case to case, so you should contact your local Indiana BMV office to find out how long you will be required to maintain non owner insurance coverage.

Why people require non owner car insurance Indiana:

  • DUI or DWI offenses
  • Too many points against a driving record
  • Uninsured accidents
  • Failure to take a breath or blood test
  • Child support or neglect cases
  • Court judgments

How does SR22 / SR50 insurance work?

Non owner car insurance Indiana is high risk insurance that’s required to reinstate your driver’s license. Indiana SR22/SR50 non owner insurance covers you when driving a borrowed vehicle. It is secondary to a vehicle owner’s primary insurance coverage. This means that if you are at fault in an accident, your non owner insurance will cover claims that exceed the vehicle owner’s primary insurance coverage.

If you’re covered by an non owner SR22/SR50 insurance policy and buy a vehicle later, you’ll need to switch to an owner-operator policy if you’re still required to have this insurance.

Limitations of non owner insurance:

  • The policy is written for one driver only
  • You won’t be covered when driving commercial, rental or employment-related vehicles
  • It does not cover you if you drive vehicles owned by others in your household
  • The only claims covered are those made by the other party involved in an accident in which you’re at fault
  • Neither the vehicle you’re driving nor passengers in that vehicle are covered

There is additional information about license suspension and reinstatement on the Indiana BMV website.

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If you own a vehicle and need Indiana SR22 insurance, see Indiana SR50 Insurance.

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