DUI Insurance Indiana

DUI insurance in Indiana

Need SR22 insurance after an Indiana OWI conviction? Get your license reinstated with DUI insurance Indiana. Call us today!

DUI insurance in Indiana


When you have an Indiana OWI conviction, reinstating your license requires you to carry DUI insurance Indiana. Vehicle owners and people who don’t own a car can get an SR22 attachment to their auto or non-owner insurance policy. Your insurance rate will increase an average of 40% over standard auto insurance rates. Most people need to carry SR22 DUI insurance for three years. Persons designated as habitual traffic violators (HTV) lose their driving privileges for five to ten years.

Indiana uses the term OWI (operating while intoxicated) instead of DUI (driving under the influence). Following a license suspension after an OWI conviction, DUI insurance in Indiana (SR22 insurance) is necessary to reinstate your driving privileges. (more…)

If you commit certain motor vehicle offenses, the state of Indiana may suspend or revoke your license. When you don’t own a vehicle, you’ll need to buy non owner car insurance Indiana to reinstate your driving privileges while your license is suspended. Your insurance provider will write you a non owner insurance policy with an SR50 and SR22 endorsed to it. (more…)

The Indiana BMV usually requires you to file both an Indiana SR50 insurance certificate and an SR22 certificate for license reinstatement. UltraCar Insurance always files both of these certificates for you at no additional cost to ensure your license is reinstated without delay, (more…)


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