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The DUI-E Washington law prohibits texting and driving.

DUI-E Washington

The DUI-E Washington law became effective in July 2017. DUI-E stands for Driving Under the Influence of Electronics. The purpose of the law is to reduce or eliminate the use of cell phones and other electronic devices while driving, which it considers equally as dangerous as driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DUI/DWI). Repeated violations of the Washington DUI-E law may lead to license suspension, requiring Washington SR22 insurance.

Many states are enacting distracted driving laws. In July 2017 Washington state enacted a distracted driving law called DUI-E Washington. DUI-E means driving under the influence of electronics. This legislation responds to the documented dangers of using cell phones or other electronic devices while operating a vehicle.

DUI Laws in Washington

DUI Laws in Washington

The penalties of DUI laws in Washington are severe, reflecting the seriousness of motor vehicle violations involving alcohol and other drugs. Penalties for DUI are personally and financially costly. They include license suspension, fines and fees, and possible jail time. You’ll also have to carry SR22 insurance for several years as a condition for license reinstatement.

DUI laws in Washington deal with penalties for driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, medications, or a combination of these substances. Intoxicants include legal or illegal drugs, and prescription or over the counter medications.

Washington ignition interlock and SR22 insurance for license reinstatement after a DUI conviction.

Washington Ignition Interlock

Repeat DUI offenses, and DUIs involving injury or death, require you to apply for a Washington ignition interlock license (IIL). You’ll also have to install an IID monitoring device in your car that strictly limits when and how often you can drive. When the state requires you to obtain an IIL and install IID equipment, you’ll also need to purchase a Washington SR22 insurance certificate.

To gain restricted driving privileges after a DUI conviction, you’ll have to obtain a Washington ignition interlock driver license (IIL). You’ll also have to install an ignition interlock device in the vehicle you drive and get SR22 insurance.

The Washington Implied Consent Law imposes penalties for refusing to take a DUI test.

Washington Implied Consent Law

The Washington Implied Consent Law is related to DUI motor vehicle offenses. If you’re a Washington licensed driver, you implicitly agree to provide a breath test if an officer suspects you of DUI/DWI. Refusal to test results in an automatic one-year license suspension.

Washington Implied Consent Law requires all licensed drivers to consent to a breathalyzer test if an officer suspects DUI. You can refuse to take a sobriety test, but in many cases, the penalty for refusing is harsher than complying.

Non Owner SR22 Washington State

Non Owner SR22 Washington State

Non owner SR22 Washington state is a high risk insurance certificate that’s required to reinstate your license if you don’t own a vehicle. The SR22 certificate is attached to a non owner insurance policy and filed with the state DOL. This type of policy insures you against liability when you drive a vehicle that you don’t own.

If you don’t own a vehicle you will need to purchase a non owner SR22 Washington state certificate to reinstate your suspended driver’s license. When you become eligible for license reinstatement your SR22 certificate will be attached to a non-owner insurance policy and filed by an insurance company with the Washington Department of Licensing (DOL).

Non Owner SR22 Insurance Washington

Non Owner SR22 Insurance Washington

Non owner SR22 insurance Washington is an insurance certificate that must be filed for license reinstatement if you don’t own a vehicle. It is liability insurance that covers you when driving a non-owned vehicle. You’re required to carry this insurance at all times during your license suspension in order to legally operate a motor vehicle.

What do you do if the state suspends your license and you don’t own a vehicle? In that case, you must purchase non owner SR22 insurance Washington to reinstate your driving privileges. You’ll work with an insurance provider licensed in the state of Washington to process your SR22 filing with the state.

SR22 Insurance Washington State

SR22 Insurance Washington State

There are quite a few reasons people may be required to buy SR22 insurance Washington state. SR22 insurance is meant to prevent uninsured drivers from operating a motor vehicle. After a person’s license is suspended, the state wants to make sure you have minimum liability insurance coverage and will be financially responsible for injury or property damage if you cause an accident.

When your Washington state driver’s license has been suspended, you must purchase SR22 insurance Washington state to regain your driving privileges. Motor vehicle offenses and other situations can result in driver’s license suspension, and commonly include: