DUI Laws in Washington

DUI Laws in Washington

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DUI Laws in Washington

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The penalties of DUI laws in Washington are tough, reflecting the seriousness of motor vehicle violations involving alcohol and other intoxicants. The penalties for DUI are personally and financially costly – including fines and fees, license suspension, possible jail time, ignition interlock and a requirement to carry SR22 insurance for license reinstatement during your suspension period.

DUI laws in Washington contain some of the toughest provisions in the country. DUI refers to driving a motor vehicle under the influence of drugs, alcohol, medication or a combination of these drugs. Intoxicants can include legal or illegal drugs, and prescription or over the counter medications. The minimum blood alcohol content (BAC) that results in a Washington state DUI charge is .02% for drivers under age 21, and .08% for drivers age 21 and over.

The penalties for DUI laws in Washington are costly in many ways. These penalties include fines, license suspension, jail time, purchasing Washington SR22 high risk insurance and installing an ignition interlock device in your vehicle to reinstate driving privileges. Depending on the number of DUI offenses a person has had, jail time can be 24 hours to 1 year; fines between $865.50 to $5,000; and license suspension between 90 days to 4 years.

Depending on your blood alcohol content at the time of your test and any prior Washington DUI charges, DUI laws in Washington allow you to regain driving privileges after an alcohol or drug related license suspension. You can do this by applying for a Washington ignition interlock driver’s license (IIL). This requires several steps, including installing an ignition interlock device in your vehicle and purchasing Washington SR22 insurance during your license suspension period.

In July 2017 the state of Washington enacted a new distracted driving law, putting it in the category of DUI. The DUI-E Washington law (driving under the influence of electronics) penalizes drivers for using cell phones and other electronic devices while operating a vehicle.

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