Washington Implied Consent Law

Washington Implied Consent Law

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Washington Implied Consent Law

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The Washington Implied Consent Law is related to DUI motor vehicle offenses. Implied consent means that anyone with a Washington state driver’s license will provide a breathalyzer or blood test if they are stopped for suspicion of drunk driving or impaired driving. Refusal to submit a DUI test results in a one-year license suspension.

The Washington Implied Consent Law states that anyone who operates a motor vehicle is required to provide a breath or BAC test if an officer suspects DUI. Of course, a driver can refuse to take a DUI test, but in many cases the penalty for refusing to submit the breath or BAC test can be much harsher than providing it.

Under the Washington Implied Consent Law, in addition to being fined, an individual who refuses to provide a breath test at the request of an officer will have their driver’s license automatically suspended for one year for a first refusal. The implied consent Washington state law also allows the fact that individual refused to take a breath test to be used in a criminal proceeding against them.

When a driver submits a DUI test under the Washington Implied Consent Law, if the result exceeds the legal drug or alcohol concentration limit the individual’s driver’s license will be suspended for at least ninety days, compared to an automatic one year suspension for refusal to take the breath test.

Under DUI laws in Washington, the alcohol and drug concentration limits for drivers age 21 and over are a breath alcohol concentration of 0.08 or more, or a breath THC concentration of 5.00 or more. For drivers under age 21, the limits are 0.02 breath alcohol concentration or more, or blood THC concentration of above 0.00.

After a DUI conviction related to the Washington Implied Consent Law, you can apply for a restricted license by meeting certain requirements, one of which is obtaining Washington SR22 insurance. You can find details about obtaining a Washington SR22 financial responsibility certificate on the Washington DOL website. Additional information about implied consent in Washington is available on the Washington State Legislature website.

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