Washington Ignition Interlock

Washington Ignition Interlock

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Washington Ignition Interlock

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Serious or repeat DUI offenses can result in the state requiring you to install Washington ignition interlock equipment in the vehicle you drive. This is a monitoring device that results in strict limitations on when and how often you can drive while your license is suspended. If you must install ignition interlock, you will also need to obtain and carry a Washington SR22 insurance certificate.

In some cases a DUI offense is serious enough to warrant installation of a Washington ignition interlock (IIL) device in your vehicle to resume limited driving privileges. If your Washington state driver’s license has been suspended after a drug or alcohol related offense, you can become eligible to drive by installing this monitoring device in the vehicle you drive. When an ignition interlock device is required, it must be installed in any car you drive. There are many costs involved in installing and maintaining a Washington ignition interlock device. Because of the costs involved, if you own more than one vehicle, you’ll likely prefer to install this equipment in just one vehicle, and drive only that vehicle during the time your license is suspended.

You can apply for an ignition interlock any time after a Washington DUI arrest. To obtain a Washington ignition interlock device, you must have a residence address in the state of Washington and a current Washington driver’s license. If you’re required to install ignition interlock, your arrest or conviction must be for driving offenses related to alcohol or drugs, including DUI (driving under the influence), reckless or careless driving and vehicular homicide or vehicular assault.

The application process to obtain an ignition interlock device involves several requirements, including purchasing a Washington SR22 insurance certificate to file with the Washington Department of Licensing (Washington DOL). See the Washington DOL website for more details about DUI and ignition interlock.

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