Non Owner SR22 Washington State

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Non Owner SR22 Washington State

Non Owner SR22 Washington State

Non owner SR22 Washington state is a high risk insurance certificate that’s required to reinstate your license if you don’t own a vehicle. The SR22 certificate is attached to a non owner insurance policy and filed with the state DOL. This type of policy insures you against liability when you drive a vehicle that you don’t own.

If you don’t own a vehicle you will need to purchase a non owner SR22 Washington state certificate to reinstate your suspended driver’s license. When you become eligible for license reinstatement your SR22 certificate will be attached to a non-owner insurance policy and filed by an insurance company with the Washington Department of Licensing (DOL). Your non owner SR22 Washington state is a certificate of financial responsibility, and is a condition for reinstatement of your driving privileges. During your license suspension period, the certificate is monitored to confirm that it does not lapse. If it does lapse, your insurance provider is required to notify the Washington DOL, which results in immediate suspension of your license.

Non owner SR22 Washington state is high risk insurance that must be carried for a period of three years in most cases. The length of time you will need to carry non owner SR22 insurance is determined by the court and the Washington DOL in accordance with your individual circumstances.

More information about how to reinstate your driver’s license can be found on the Washington DOL website. The following articles on our website are also related to non owner SR22 Washington state:

Each situation may present a different challenge and approach, but you can be assured that our Washington state licensed agents will  provide you with the best solution to fit your budget and goals. When you need non owner SR22 Washington state insurance to reinstate your driver’s license, UltraCar Insurance can provide you with a low rate, issue the policy and file your non owner SR22 certificate electronically with the Washington DOL in about 20 minutes. Call today and speak with one of our agents for a free, no obligation consultation and Washington SR22 insurance quotes without a vehicle.

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