Arkansas DUI Laws & SR22 Insurance

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Arkansas DUI Laws & SR22 Insurance

Arkansas DUI Laws & SR22 Insurance

Arkansas DUI laws assign strict penalties for drunk driving and being impaired by alcohol or drugs. You may think a drink or two won’t affect your driving, but that may not be true. Miscalculating your driving ability can lead to personal and financial repercussions. You may lose your license, which involves paying reinstatement fees, carrying Arkansas SR22 insurance and other costs.

It can be much easier than you think to violate Arkansas DUI laws if you overestimate your ability to drive after drinking alcohol. The costs of a drunk driving conviction financially and personally high. In addition to the financial expenses, an Arkansas DUI/DWI conviction remains on your driving record for five years.

Are you a responsible driver?

One of the most important aspects of being a responsible driver is to know when to not get behind the wheel. You may think that one or two drinks won’t affect your driving. However, depending on many other factors, that may not be true.

  • If you take over-the-counter or prescription medications, the affect of alcohol or other drugs can be compounded.
  • If you haven’t eaten anything before drinking, a smaller amount of alcohol can make a big difference in your response rate.
  • Combining recreational drugs like marijuana with other substances like marijuana can also affect your judgment and reaction time.

You can be pulled over for such common actions as drifting out of your lane in traffic, not using headlights and windshield wipers together when it’s raining, making abrupt stops, or accelerating quickly. Unfortunately, if you’re pulled over a couple of drinks can be enough for you to test over the BAC limit.

The basics of Arkansas DUI laws:

The BAC (blood alcohol concentration) limit in Arkansas is 0.08% or higher for drivers age 21 years or older, 0.02% for those younger than 21, and 0,04% for anyone who drives a commercial vehicle.

Anyone with an Arkansas driver’s license is automatically bound by the Arkansas Implied Consent Law. This means that you agree to take a BAC or drug test if you’re pulled over for any reason, and are then suspected of DUI. If you refuse to be tested, your license will be automatically suspended for 180 days. A second or subsequent refusal results in longer license suspension times.

Penalties under Arkansas DUI laws include license suspension and separately, possible misdemeanor or felony criminal charges. Arkansas DUI penalties can be more severe if there are children in the vehicle, or if injury or death occurred in the DUI/DWI incident. The length of time your license will be suspended is based on the number of DUI violations.

  • First DUI or DWI offense: 6 month license suspension
  • Second DWI within 5 years: 2 year license suspension
  • Third DWI within 5 years: 2-1/2 year license suspension
  • Fourth DWI within 5 years: License permanently revoked

License reinstatement after an Arkansas DUI:

To reinstate your license, you may first have to complete a drug and alcohol education or drug/alcohol treatment program, and pay a $150 reinstatement fee. You’ll also have to buy Arkansas SR22 insurance and keep it in effect for the state-assigned period of time.

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