Arkansas DUI Laws & SR22 Insurance

Arkansas DUI Laws & SR22 Insurance

Arkansas DUI laws require you to file an SR22 certificate for license reinstatement. Let us help by starting a quote now.

Arkansas DUI Laws & SR22 Insurance

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Arkansas DUI laws impose strict penalties for drunk driving and driving impaired by alcohol or drugs. You may think a drink or two won’t affect your driving, but that may not be accurate, no matter how you feel. Miscalculating your ability to drive has financial repercussions like license suspension, reinstatement fees, additional Arkansas SR22 insurance and possible other costs.

It can be much easier than you think to violate Arkansas DUI laws by miscalculating your ability to drive after drinking alcohol. The costs of a drunk driving conviction are high, financially and personally, since Arkansas DUI/DWI convictions remain on your driving record for five years. (more…)

Has your Arkansas driver’s license been suspended? SR22 insurance Arkansas is a certificate of financial responsibility that must be filed with the state as a condition for license reinstatement. It is against the law in Arkansas to operate a motor vehicle or to let another person drive your vehicle without mandatory insurance coverage. If you’re stopped by an officer or involved in an accident and can’t provide proof of insurance, your driver’s license can be suspended. (more…)

Non owner SR22 insurance Arkansas is for drivers who don’t own a vehicle, and need SR22 insurance for license reinstatement. Non owner SR22 insurance is not offered by all insurance providers. You’ll find that it’s a bit more expensive, because it’s classified as high risk insurance. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t find competitive rates. In fact, UltraCar Insurance offers some of the lowest Arkansas SR22 insurance rates available. (more…)


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