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SR22 Insurance Arkansas

How to get high-risk auto insurance in Arkansas.

SR22 insurance Arkansas is a financial responsibility form you must obtain to reinstate your driver’s license. There are a number of reasons that people need to carry SR22 insurance. Some of them are a result of motor vehicle violations, and some are a requirement of the court. You can get an SR22 certificate whether you own a vehicle or not.

Do you have an Arkansas driver’s license suspension? SR22 insurance Arkansas is a certificate of financial responsibility you must file as a condition for license reinstatement. It is against the law in Arkansas to operate a motor vehicle or to let another person drive your vehicle without mandatory insurance coverage. If an officer stops you or you cause an accident and you can’t show proof of insurance, the state can suspend your driving privileges.

How do I get SR22 insurance Arkansas?

To get SR22 insurance Arkansas, you’ll work with a high-risk auto insurance provider licensed to operate in the state. Your insurance agent will file the SR22 certificate electronically, and will give you a copy of your SR22 insurance policy and proof of insurance card.

What is SR22 insurance?

SR22 insurance is a guarantee that you will carry the minimum liability insurance coverage for a future period of time. When someone commits certain motor vehicle violations the state requires them to purchase Arkansas high risk insurance. Other circumstances can also lead to an SR22 insurance Arkansas requirement. Some of the most common situations include:

  • Responsibility suspensions (driving while uninsured)
  • License revocations (driving without a license)
  • High risk motor vehicle offenses (multiple traffic violations, speeding, reckless driving, DUI/DWI, refusal to test for DUI/DWI)
  • Legal judgments
  • Child support matters

You must maintain SR22 insurance Arkansas for a minimum of three years for first-time offenses. If you have no additional violations during this time, you may be able to discontinue carrying SR22 insurance. If you have another offense within the initial three-year period, the state may require you to keep the policy in effect for as long as five years. The time period required to carry SR22 insurance increases with each additional offense.

It’s important to keep your SR22 insurance Arkansas policy current. You must pay your premiums on time, and renew your  SR22 policy in advance. The insurance company that issues your policy monitors it. If it lapses, they immediately notify the Arkansas Office of Driver Services, which results in another license suspension. To reinstate your license, you’ll need to submit a new SR22 filing, which requires assessment of additional reinstatement fees and penalties.

NOTE: If you have an active SR22 and move to another state, you must get a cross-state SR22 filing. Be sure to contact your insurance provider for instructions before you move.

What if I don’t own a car?

An owner-operator SR22 policy covers financial responsibility for vehicles you own. The SR22 certificate is an endorsement to your auto insurance policy. Owner-operator insurance can also include collision and comprehensive coverage. You can add full coverage, uninsured motorist, medical payments, towing and rental car payments. These options will add to the cost of your insurance payments.

Non owner SR22 insurance Arkansas covers financial responsibility when you don’t own a vehicle, but drive another person’s vehicle on occasion. With non owner insurance, the SR22 certificate is an endorsement to a non-owner insurance policy.

Arkansas DFA

The Arkansas DFA website, Office of Driver Services lists contact information for the sections of Safety Responsibility, Driving Records and Driver Control. These departments are responsible for license suspension and reinstatement issues.

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