SR22 Insurance Arkansas

SR22 Insurance Arkansas

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SR22 Insurance Arkansas

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It is against the law in Arkansas to operate a motor vehicle without mandatory insurance coverage, or to allow another person to drive your vehicle without it being properly insured. If you are stopped by an officer or involved in an accident and cannot provide valid proof of insurance, your Arkansas driver’s license can be suspended. SR22 insurance Arkansas must be purchased as a condition of license reinstatement in order to regain your driving privileges. Arkansas SR22 insurance serves to guarantee that you are properly insured with the required liability insurance coverage for a period of time ordered by the state of Arkansas.

When an individual commits certain motor vehicle violations or if certain legal circumstances occur, the state may require them to purchase Arkansas high risk auto insurance. Some circumstances that can lead to an SR22 insurance Arkansas requirement include:

  • Responsibility suspensions (driving while uninsured)
  • Legal judgments
  • License revocations (driving without a license)
  • High risk drivers (multiple traffic violations, speeding violations, reckless driving, DUI/DWI, refusal to test for DUI/DWI)

Owner-operator SR22 insurance Arkansas covers financial responsibility for vehicle(s) owned by a driver. SR22 owner-operator insurance can also be written and issued with collision and comprehensive coverage. Full coverage, uninsured motorist, medical payments, towing and rental car payments may also be covered with higher premiums. Non owner SR22 insurance Arkansas covers financial responsibility when a driver does not own a vehicle, but may drive another person’s vehicle on occasion.

Individuals requiring SR22 insurance Arkansas will need to contact an insurance provider authorized to operate in the state of Arkansas. They should expect to pay a processing fee for their SR22 filing to be submitted to the Arkansas Office of Motor Vehicles. The insurance provider will file the SR22 certificate electronically with the Arkansas DMV, and the insured will be given a copy of their Arkansas SR22 insurance policy and proof of insurance card.

SR22 insurance Arkansas must be maintained for a minimum of three years for first-time offenses. If the driver incurs no additional violations during this time, they may not have to continue carrying SR22 insurance. If another offense occurs within the initial three year period, the driver can be required to keep the policy in effect for as long as five years, and the time period increases with each additional offense.

It is important not to allow your SR22 insurance Arkansas policy to lapse. Premium payments must be kept up to date, and the SR22 policy renewed in advance. Your insurance provider monitors the policy closely, and if it lapses or is canceled, the Arkansas DMV will be notified immediately. Your driver’s license will be suspended again until the SR22 insurance is reinstated, and additional reinstatement fees and penalties may be assessed. NOTE: If you move to another state, your SR22 obligation will still apply in your new state of residence. Be sure to contact your insurance provider for instructions before you move.

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