Florida SR22 Paid In Full

Florida SR22 Paid In Full Insurance

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Florida SR22 Paid In Full Insurance

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After a no-insurance license suspension (not related to DUI), you’ll have to file a Florida SR22 Paid in Full certificate to reinstate your license. You can buy Florida SR22 insurance if you own a vehicle (owner SR22) or if you don’t own a car (non-owner SR22). Paid In Full policies have a six or twelve-month term and must be paid in full when underwriting is complete.

Florida drivers with a non-DUI, no-insurance license suspension must purchase Florida SR22 Paid in Full insurance for license reinstatement. This type of policy has a term of at least six months and is payable in full.

How do I get Florida SR22 Paid In Full insurance?

Florida SR22 Paid In Full insurance is for license reinstatement after driving without insurance, not related to DUI. Case numbers for paid-in-full violations begin with the number 2.

NOTE: If your no-insurance license suspension is DUI-related, you’ll need Non-Cancelable FR44 Florida insurance. Case numbers for uninsured DUI violations have case numbers that begin with the number 4.

When you have your case number, you’ll choose a licensed insurance provider to issue the policy with an SR22 endorsement. Florida SR22 insurance has minimum liability coverage of 10/20/10. (Florida FR44 paid in full insurance requires higher minimum coverage of 100/300/50.)

When the insurance carrier completes underwriting, you’ll submit the first six or twelve-month payment. Your agent will then file your certificate with Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. After license reinstatement, you’ll need renew your SR22 policy in time to avoid another suspension. A monthly payment option is not available at first; however, some insurance companies allow monthly payments after the first six months. Be sure to discuss this with your insurance provider before it’s time to renew your policy.

License reinstatement and Florida SR22 insurance

See the Florida HSMV website for information about Florida driver license suspensions and revocations.

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Can I get this insurance if I don’t own a car?

You can buy a paid-in-full SR22 policy whether you own a vehicle or not. (If you don’t own a car, see Florida No Car Insurance for information about non owner SR22 insurance.) If you initially get a non owner SR22 policy and later buy a car, your insurance rate will increase. You’ll have to pay that additional amount to cover the remaining period of the term.

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