Texas DUI Insurance

Texas DUI Insurance

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Texas DUI Insurance

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Residents convicted of an alcohol related motor vehicle offense will need to obtain Texas DUI insurance (Texas SR22 insurance) for license reinstatement. The state of Texas assigns stiff penalties for driving under the influence; consequences include jail time, fines and driver’s license suspension. If a driver is pulled over and has a blood alcohol content (BAC) level of 0.08% or greater, they will be charged with drunk driving. For commercial drivers and drivers under the age of 21, the blood alcohol content level for a DUI charge is 0.04% or greater. 

A consequence of being charged with a DUI offense is that your auto insurance will be affected. If you have a DUI offense on your Texas Department of Public Safety (DMV) record, it is common for your insurance provider to raise your premium or cancel your policy. If you have a DUI license suspension and plan to seek reinstatement of your license, you must purchase Texas DUI insurance – also referred to as Texas SR22 insurance, or high risk insurance. Texas DUI insurance is a certificate of financial responsibility form that is filed with the Texas DMV that guarantees that you are covered by valid liability insurance. This certificate must be filed before the DPS will reinstate your license. Your insurance provider monitors the Texas SR22 insurance certificate for a time period determined by the state to verify the policy remains in force. If the Texas DUI insurance lapses or is canceled, you will immediately have your license revoked again.

The length of time you will be required to carry Texas DUI insurance will depend upon the particular circumstances; however, the typical requirement is three to five years.

If you don’t own a vehicle and have a DUI related license suspension, it will be necessary to purchase a non owner SR22 insurance policy in order to reinstate your license to drive a non owned vehicle on an occasional basis. See our Texas Non Owner SR22 Insurance page for more details about this option.

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