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If you don't own a vehicle, Texas non owner SR22 insurance is a certificate you file for license reinstatement. Call us today!

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Texas Non Owner SR22 Insurance

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You may think you need to own a car to get SR22 insurance, but that’s not the case. To reinstate your suspended driver’s license without a car, you need Texas non owner SR22 insurance. Filing a non owner certificate with the state starts the process of license reinstatement. You will then be able to drive a non-owned vehicle on an occasional basis.

Texas non owner SR22 insurance is high risk insurance that’s required for license reinstatement when you don’t own a vehicle. It is also referred to as a certificate of financial responsibility. The SR22 certificate is endorsed to a non-owner insurance policy. SR22 non owner insurance is liability-only insurance coverage, written to cover only yourself, and covers you when driving any no- owned vehicle on an occasional basis.

To regain driving privileges after a license suspension, you’ll need to purchase Texas non owner SR22 insurance from an insurance provider registered in the state of Texas. The certificate is filed with the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS), which allows your license to be reinstated. After that, you must keep the SR22 non owner policy in force for three to five years without interruption. During the time period assigned, your insurance provider monitors your policy closely. If the it lapses, expires or is canceled, your provider notifies the Texas DPS by filing an SR26 form. This results in suspension of your driver’s license once again.

How does Texas non owner SR22 insurance work?

When you don’t own a car to insure, Texas non owner SR22 insurance is secondary coverage to a vehicle owner’s primary auto insurance coverage. If you borrow someone’s vehicle and cause an accident, the vehicle owner’s insurance will pay accident claims first. If accident claims exceed the owner’s maximum coverage limits, your non-owner policy will cover remaining claim amounts. UltraCar Insurance strongly advises you to confirm that any non-owned vehicle you drive is properly insured by the owner before getting behind the wheel.

Limitations of non owner insurance coverage:

  • Non owner insurance is written to cover one person only
  • SR22 non owner insurance is liability only coverage; collision and comprehensive coverage cannot be added
  • A non owner policy does not cover vehicles in your household
  • Non owner SR22 does not cover vehicles that are driven on a regular basis
  • You will not be covered to drive rental cars, commercial vehicles or employment-related vehicles

More information about reinstating your Texas driver’s license is available on the Texas on the Texas DPS website.

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