Non Owner SR22 Georgia

You'll need non owner SR22 Georgia insurance if you're moving to Georgia and have an active SR22 filing in another state.

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Non Owner SR22 Georgia

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Say you’re moving to Georgia from another state where you have an active non owner SR22 filing. To avoid a coverage lapse, you’ll buy a non owner SR22 Georgia insurance policy with a cross-state SR22 filing to the state that requires it. Non-owner insurance is for people who don’t own a vehicle. In Georgia, SR22 certificates are for new residents with an existing out-of-state SR22 who don’t have a car to insure.

Non owner SR22 Georgia insurance is for new residents of Georgia who have an active SR22 requirement in another state. You still have to continue the SR22 obligation in that state for the required time. To stay in compliance, you’ll need to buy a non owner SR22 Georgia policy and file a cross-state non owner SR22 certificate with the other state. ‘Non owner’ insurance means that you have no vehicle to insure.

Georgia Non Owner SR22 / Non Owner SR22A

Current Georgia residents submit an SR22A filing (Georgia Safety Responsibility Insurance Certificate) to reinstate their suspended driver’s license. The state usually requires people to carry Georgia high-risk insurance for 1-3 years. The insurance carrier monitors these policies during this time to ensure that they maintain minimum liability coverage. That way, a driver guarantees financial responsibility for an at-fault accident. If the policy lapses, the state suspends their license again. In Georgia, non owner SR22 insurance coverage serves the same purpose, but there are differences.

What’s the difference between Georgia SR22 and SR22A?

Non owner SR22 Georgia is different than Georgia non owner SR22A in the following ways:

Georgia Non Owner SR22

  • SR22 (AAMVA Uniform Financial Responsibility Form) is not available to current Georgia residents. It’s only for new Georgia residents who have an SR22 requirement in another state.
  • You can pay the premiums in full, in six or twelve-month increments, or month-to-month.
  • You save when you pay the six-month premium in full, as you get a Paid in Full discount.

Georgia Non Owner SR22A

  • Current Georgia residents with a suspended license file an SR22A certificate for reinstatement.
  • The state of Georgia requires you to pay initial and subsequent SR22A premiums in full.

Why do I need to buy non owner SR22 Georgia insurance?

Every state honors another state’s SR22 requirement. If you don’t own a vehicle, you’ll buy a Georgia non owner insurance policy with an SR22 certificate endorsed to the state that requires it. If you don’t do this, you won’t get a Georgia driver’s license.

Suppose you’re moving from California to Georgia, and you want to get a Georgia driver’s license.

Example 1:  You currently have a suspended California license. To clear your California license, you’ll need to a) file a California SR22 certificate, OR b) file a cross-state SR22 certificate.

Example 2:  You already have an active California SR22 filing, and California expects you to complete that requirement. Therefore, you cannot let that policy lapse. In that case, you’ll need to file a California non owner SR22 certificate to satisfy that state’s requirement. The insurance policy is for the state of Georgia, and the filing is for California.

Whether your SR22 filing is in Georgia or an out of state SR22, you must maintain it for three years, in most cases.

Can I add a car to a non owner SR22 Georgia policy?

Yes. You can convert your non owner policy to an owner/owner-operator policy. When you do this, your rate will increase. You’ll have the option to pay monthly or six months at a time, whether you get a liability-only or full coverage policy.

You can do the same with a non owner SR22A policy. But you must pay the difference in full, whether it’s liability-only or full coverage.

For information about license reinstatement in Georgia, visit the Georgia DMV website.

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