Nevada DUI Laws & Penalties

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Nevada DUI Laws & Penalties

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Violating Nevada DUI laws results in serious penalties, including suspension of your driver’s license. What you may view as normal driving behavior may be seen by an officer as suspicious for DUI. If you’ve been drinking and are pulled over, what seemed an innocent action on your part can have significant consequences.

Every state has laws that impose serious penalties for driving under the influence, and Nevada DUI laws are no exception. Driving after drinking or taking any type of drug, even one time, can have far-reaching personal and financial consequences. UltraCar Insurance can provide information about Nevada DUI laws (NRS 484C) and obtaining SR22 insurance Nevada. We’ll help you with this part of Nevada license reinstatement process, and answer your questions about SR22 DUI Insurance.

It can be easier than you think for an officer pull you over for suspicion of drunk driving or impaired driving. Some of the behaviors officers look for when deciding to pull someone over for DUI include:

  • Wide turns
  • Driving too slowly
  • Speeding
  • Running a stoplight or stop sign
  • Swerving
  • Drifting between lanes
  • Driving speed variations
  • Stopping for no apparent reason
  • Driving at night without headlights
  • Causing a near-collision

Be aware that if an officer pulls you over for suspected DUI/DWI, you must submit a Breathalyzer, BAC* or other substance-related test. Under the Nevada Implied Consent Law you risk suspension of your drivers license for refusal to test. Nevada DUI laws state that the BAC limit is 0.08% for adults, 0.04% for commercial drivers and 0.02% for drivers under the age of 21. However, consuming alcohol is not the only consideration in DUI cases. An officer can cite you for DUI of prescription drugs, marijuana, and other legal and illegal substances.

*BAC = Blood Alcohol Concentration

Penalties for intoxicated driving in Nevada

For good reason, driving under the influence and driving while intoxicated are the most serious motor vehicle offenses. It puts your life in jeopardy, and endangers your passengers lives and other innocent people on the road. Therefore, fines and penalties for Nevada DUI laws violations are more punitive than for other motor vehicle offenses. Multiple DUI/DWI convictions result in progressively more severe penalties.

  • The penalties for a first Nevada DUI can include any or all of the following: a fine of $400-$1,000; DUI school or substance abuse treatment program; license revocation of 90 days; a jail sentence between 2 days to 6 months or 96 hours of community service.
  • Penalties for a second Nevada DUI offense can include: a fine of $750-$1,000; a 1-year license revocation; a 10-day to 6-month jail sentence or house arrest; 100-200 hours of community service; suspension of your car registration; substance abuse treatment.
  • A third Nevada DUI violation may include the following penalties: a $2,000-$5,000 fine; 3-year license revocation; 1-6 year prison sentence; suspension of your car registration.
  • Causing death or serious injury while driving under the influence/driving while intoxicated can result in a $2,000-$5,000 fine; 3-year license revocation; incarceration between 2-20 years. This applies to first and subsequent DUI/DWI convictions.
  • Separate criminal charges, depending on the circumstances.

Marijuana DUI in Nevada

As of November 8, 2016 recreational marijuana use for persons 21 years of age or older is legal in Nevada. However, driving under the influence of marijuana is not legal. Nevada DUI laws define a person as being under the influence of marijuana if it impairs their ability to safely operate a motor vehicle. The state can impose a misdemeanor charge of Marijuana DUI in Nevada (NRS 484C.110) if:

  • A urine sample shows a concentration of at least 10 nanograms of marijuana per ml or 15 nanograms/ml of marijuana metabolite, OR
  • A blood test shows 2 nanograms of marijuana per ml or 5 nanograms/ml of marijuana metabolite.

A first Marijuana DUI conviction may include any of the following, or additional penalties: 2 days to 6 months in jail or 24 to 96 hours community service, $400 to $1,000 in court costs, DUI school, and a 90-day license suspension.

You can contest marijuana DUI charges in court, but if an attorney cannot convince the court to reduce or dismiss the charge, a DUI conviction will remain on record for 7 years.

SR22 insurance for license reinstatement

At some point after a Nevada DUI laws violation you’ll be eligible for license reinstatement. You’ll need to contact a high risk insurance provider licensed in Nevada. An agent will attach an SR22 certificate to your auto insurance policy and file it with the Nevada DMV. If you don’t own a car, the agent will file a Nevada Non Owner SR22 certificate.

Another option in Arizona is to purchase Broad Form SR22 insurance, a policy with very low rates, but very limited coverage. You must keep the insurance policy that guarantees the Nevada SR22 certification for three years, without interruption.

See the Nevada DMV website for helpful information about types of suspensions and revocations, license reinstatement, SR22, ignition interlock, and out-of-state SR22 needs.

UltraCar Insurance can explain Nevada DUI laws and quickly file your SR22 insurance certificate. Talk with one of our agents, or click the button to start your Nevada SR22 quote!

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