Nevada DUI Laws & Penalties

Nevada DUI Laws & Penalties

It helps to know a few basics about Nevada DUI laws and penalties when you need SR22 insurance. Start a quote now.

Nevada DUI Laws & Penalties

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Violating Nevada DUI laws results in serious penalties, including suspension of your driver’s license. What you may view as normal driving behavior may sometimes be seen by an officer as suspicious for DUI. If you’ve been drinking and are pulled over, what seemed an innocent action on your part can have significant consequences.

Every state has laws that impose serious penalties for driving under the influence, and Nevada DUI laws are no exception. Just one miscalculation by a driver who decides to drive after drinking or taking any type of drug can have terrible personal and financial consequences. (more…)

Drivers in any state may experience suspension of their license for a number of reasons. Nevada drivers who have had their license suspended must obtain SR22 insuranceĀ Nevada as a condition for license reinstatement. Carrying Nevada SR22 insurance is a guarantee to the state that a driver will carry the required minimum liability insurance coverage without interruption for a set time period. (more…)

The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles maintains records for all Nevada drivers. Violations of motor vehicle laws are recorded on an individual’s DMV record. For example, if a driver accumulates too many points on their Nevada DMV record or commits a major offense such as DUI, the result will be suspension of their license. To be eligible for Nevadalicense reinstatement, individuals who do not own a vehicle will need to purchase Nevada non owner SR22 insurance. (more…)


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