Missouri DWI Laws

Missouri DWI Laws

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Missouri DWI Laws

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Alcohol or drug use when operating a vehicle is a serious violation of Missouri DWI laws. There are personal and financial consequences to drunk driving or impaired driving. In most cases your license will be suspended after a DWI/DUI conviction, requiring you to purchase Missouri SR22 insurance to continue driving legally.

Violating Missouri DWI laws is arguably the most serious type of motor vehicle offense a driver can commit. DWI (driving while impaired) and DUI (driving under the influence) puts the driver’s life in jeopardy, but more importantly it endangers the life of other innocent people. Drinking alcohol or taking any type of drugs can create impaired judgment and lowered reaction times, which result in a greatly increased chance of causing an accident. It puts you in the position of losing your driver’s license and being required to carry Missouri SR22 insurance to continue driving legally.

Missouri DWI Laws, Provisions and Penalties

A major provision of Missouri DWI laws is Missouri Implied Consent, which means that all licensed drivers consent to being tested for drunk driving or impaired driving if they’re pulled over and the officer suspects it. If you refuse to be tested, your license will automatically be suspended for one year.

To be considered an unimpaired driver in Missouri, your BAC (blood alcohol concentration) must be lower than 0.08% if you’re 21 years or older, 0.02% if you’re under 21, and 0.04% if you’re a commercial driver. Your BAC is tested by breathalyzer on the scene or by a blood test after being detained.

Administrative penalties for DUI/DWI convictions include points added to your driving record and license suspension. How many points you incur is tied to the seriousness of the offense and whether you’ve had prior DUI or DWI convictions.

Criminal penalties for drunk driving are tied to the outcome of a particular DWI violation and the ticket that’s written. For example: you may have simply been pulled over and tested over the BAC limit, or you may have been charged with speeding, reckless driving or causing accident that resulted in property damage, personal injury or death. For more detailed information about driving while intoxicated, see the Missouri Department of Revenue website.

Obtaining license reinstatement after a DUI/DWI violation

There are several steps to take for Missouri license reinstatement:

1. Refer to the letter/letters sent to you by the Missouri Driver License Bureau when your license was suspended. Here you’ll see the reason/reasons for suspension and other instructions. This information can be found on your state driving record, which can be obtained from your nearest Missouri license office for a fee.

2. The letter/letters indicate the date/dates you can apply for license reinstatement. You may be required to complete a Substance Abuse Traffic Offender Program (SATOP). You’ll then file the necessary forms and pay the required fees with the Missouri Driver License Bureau.

3. In addition to the filing the required forms and fees described above, you will also file a Missouri SR22 insurance financial responsibility form.

More about Missouri DWI laws:

Detailed information explaining how to obtain license reinstatement can be found on the Missouri DOR website. You can also find information related to Missouri DWI laws on these pages:

Missouri SR22 is high risk insurance required for license reinstatement, and you’ll be required to carry it for three years, in most cases. When you’re eligible for license reinstatement after a violation of Missouri DWI laws, let UltraCar Insurance help with low rates for SR22 insurance Missouri or Missouri non owner SR22 insurance. We help make the process easier for you. Start a quote now or talk with one of our licensed agents today!


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