Non Cancelable SR22

When a Florida driver loses his/her driving privileges, a non cancelable SR22 certificate must be filed for driver’s license reinstatement. The first premium of a non cancelable SR22 policy must be paid in full for a period of six months; monthly payment options are not available. This policy (also called PIP SR22 or non cancelable PIP SR22), is filed with the state of Florida and monitored by the insurance provider to assure that it is maintained without lapse of coverage for two years from the date of license suspension, or another period of time mandated by the state. If a lapse in coverage occurs, the driver’s license will be suspended again. In addition, there will be a reinstatement fee of $150/$250/$500.

Minimum coverage requirements for non cancelable SR22 insurance is 10/20/10. Non cancelable SR22 insurance is also known as an “AAMVA Uniform Financial Responsibility Form”. A driver convicted of a Florida DUI offense will be required to file a non cancelable FR44 policy with minimum coverage of 100/300/50. A non cancelable FR44 certificate is also known as a “Florida Uniform Financial Responsibility Certificate FR-44″.

A non cancelable SR22 or non cancelable FR44 certificate is electronically filed by an insurance provider with the Florida DMV, with the case number included on the certificate. The case number for a non cancelable SR22 is 9 digits, starting with a 2. The case number for a non cancelable FR44 is also nine digits, starting with a 4. In both cases the first six-month premium must be paid in full. Some insurance companies offer a monthly payment option after the first six months.

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Non Cancelable SR22

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