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Wyoming DUI & SR22 Insurance

Reinstate your license with a low SR22 rate on Wyoming DUI insurance.

Getting a Wyoming DUI conviction is stressful. The costs involved in reinstating your suspended license and the effects on your everyday life are pretty limiting. An experienced high-risk insurance provider can help you reinstate your license while saving you time and expense. A good agent will advise and guide you through the process, keeping your needs in mind.

Wyoming DUI offenses are a significant problem in the state. In 2021, Wyoming had the second-highest percentage of drivers with a DUI violation on their driving record in the U.S. During that year, 4.68% of Wyoming drivers had a DUI violation on their driving record.

The consequences of an alcohol or drug-related motor vehicle violation are both personal and financial. A Wyoming DUI/DWUI conviction usually affects your insurance rate for up to 5 years. It can remain on your driving record for up to 10 years.

The BAC (blood alcohol concentration) limits in Wyoming are:

  • 0.08% “Per Se” BAC limit
  • 0.02% Zero Tolerance limit for drivers under age 21
  • 0.15% Enhanced Penalty (Aggravated) limit

License reinstatement after a Wyoming DUI conviction

After a Wyoming DUI conviction, you’ll have a 12-month mandatory license suspension. The court may impose a longer suspension depending on the severity of the violation.

After the probationary period, you can reinstate your license by paying a reinstatement fee and filing a Wyoming SR22 insurance certificate with the DOT. The certificate needs to attach to an insurance policy that meets Wyoming’s minimum liability insurance requirements. You can get an owner SR22 insurance policy if you own a vehicle or non owner SR22 insurance Wyoming if you don’t own a car.

Wyoming DUI Probationary Licenses

The Wyoming DOT may grant a probationary license during the mandatory suspension period, which allows limited driving during this time. When your suspension is alcohol-related, the state first requires you to send a written request for a record review to determine eligibility. The state also requires you to undergo an alcohol assessment and file an SR22 insurance certificate before granting a probationary license.

The record review fee is $15, and if the state approves your request, there is a $55 probationary license issuance fee.

Wyoming Ignition Interlock

With an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) installed in your vehicle, you cannot operate it if you have measurable alcohol in your body. You breathe into the device to measure your alcohol concentration level before starting the engine. If the device detects elevated BAC, the engine will not start.

In the following cases, you’ll need to get an Ignition Interlock Restricted License and install an Ignition Interlock Device on your vehicle:

  • When the BAC result of your first Wyoming DUI conviction was .15 or above, OR
  • If this was your second or subsequent DUI conviction, regardless of BAC level

UltraCar Insurance offers Intoxalock® IID services as a convenience to our customers.

Driving with a suspended license

Please don’t take a chance driving with a suspended license during your mandatory suspension. Because of the inconvenience and lack of other options, people sometimes decide to take a chance. Then they get pulled over and find themselves in more trouble. The state may then revoke your license, which further complicates matters. The length of the revocation can be anywhere from several months to a year or even permanently.

When Wyoming revokes or cancels your license, you’ll need to start over from the beginning and retake a driving test. The cost of using a taxi or Uber is far less than going through this painstaking, expensive process.

Commercial Drivers with a DUI Conviction

Wyoming DUI penalties are more severe for individuals with a commercial driver’s license (CDL). The license suspension is one year for a first DUI conviction if the BAC is .08 or higher. A second or subsequent DUI conviction results in permanent (lifetime) license revocation. And CDL license holders are not eligible for an ignition interlock restricted license.

Wyoming DUI & SR22 Resources

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