South Carolina Implied Consent Law

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South Carolina Implied Consent Law

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As a licensed driver, the South Carolina Implied Consent Law means that you implicitly agree to take a DUI test if an officer requests you to do so. Refusing to submit a breath or BAC test results in a 6-month to one year license suspension. To obtain a restricted license during your suspension, you’ll need to carry SR22 insurance.

Has an officer stopped you for suspicion of driving under the influence? The officer may have asked you to perform several field sobriety tests. These tests may have led the officer to ask you to submit a breathalyzer test. The South Carolina Implied Consent Law requires drivers to take a breath or other DUI/DWI test if an officer has reason to suspect driving under the influence. In other words, when you obtain a state driver’s license, you imply that you will agree to provide a DUI test upon an officer’s direction.

What Happens if You Violate the South Carolina Implied Consent Law?

Refusing to take the test results in immediate suspension of your license. The suspension is six months if you’ve had no previous DUI violations within the past ten years. Otherwise, the suspension period is up to one year.

After a South Carolina Implied Consent Law violation, you may be able to request a restricted license. If the court approves, you can drive to and from work. Later, you can reinstate your license by satisfying state requirements and filing an SR22 certificate with the DMV. In most instances, you must carry South Carolina SR22 insurance for three years.


South Carolina SR22 Insurance Without A Car

Vehicle owners will purchase a South Carolina owner-operator insurance policy with an SR22 filing. If you don’t own a car, you’ll file a South Carolina non owners SR22 certificate to reinstate your driver’s license. (Learn more about non-owner insurance coverage.)

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