SR22 Insurance Michigan

SR22 Insurance Michigan

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SR22 Insurance Michigan

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SR22 insurance Michigan is a financial responsibility certificate that has to be filed with the state if you want to drive after a license suspension. The state has an interest in making sure high risk drivers are insured, without fail. The SR22 is a way of ensuring that people driving with a restricted license stay insured during the time their license is suspended.

If your driver’s license has been suspended, you’ll need to buy a special insurance called SR22 insurance Michigan to reinstate your license. An SR22 is actually a certificate that’s attached as a rider to your auto insurance policy. To start the license reinstatement process, your insurance provider files the certificate with the Michigan Secretary of State’s office. (more…)

NOTE: FFECTIVE FEBRUARY 2018 UltraCar Insurance does NOT offer non owner SR22 in Michigan. If you have a suspended license and you don’t own a vehicle, non owner SR22 insurance Michigan allows reinstatement of your license. Non owner SR22 insurance is a certificate of financial responsibility that’s filed with the Michigan DMV. It is high risk insurance with liability-only coverage. (more…)


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