Tennessee Implied Consent Law

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Tennessee Implied Consent Law

Tennessee Implied Consent Law

If you’re stopped by an officer who suspects you of DWI or DUI, don’t think you can escape the situation by refusing to test. In fact, this may cause you more problems than not. The Tennessee Implied Consent Law states that when you obtain a Tennessee driver’s license, you give your implied consent, or express permission to be tested if an officer suspects you of driving impaired or intoxicated. The penalty for refusal to test is severe.

From time to time you may encounter a driver who thinks they can avoid trouble by refusing to take a DUI breath or blood test when they’re pulled over for a potential DUI or DWI violation. Many people don’t realize that refusal to take a DUI test can result in automatic one year license suspension under the Tennessee Implied Consent Law. In addition, they may face criminal charges and spend up to one year in jail as well as pay administrative penalties and heavy fines. Implied consent means that if you have a Tennessee driver’s license and operate a vehicle in Tennessee, you are legally required to submit to a DUI or DWI test if an officer pulls you over and asks you to do so.

When you are eligible for Tennessee license reinstatement, you will need to file a Tennessee SR22 financial responsibility certificate with the Tennessee Driver License Services Division, which is added as a rider to your primary auto insurance policy if you own a car. If you do not own a vehicle, you may purchase Tennessee non owners insurance, also referred to as an SR22 operator policy to reinstate your license. Your SR22 certificate premiums must be kept current, usually for a period of 3 years, without any lapse of coverage.

When you need a Tennessee SR22 certificate to reinstate your driver’s license after a violation of the Tennessee Implied Consent Law, UltraCar Insurance can file an SR22 owner or non owner certificate with the Tennessee DMV to reinstate your driver’s license, and provide you with copy – usually in less than 20 minutes.

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