Get license reinstatement in Tennessee with SR22 insurance.

License Reinstatement Tennessee

To obtain license reinstatement in Tennessee, you’ll file an SR22 financial responsibility form. The SR22 is an attachment to an auto or non-owner insurance policy. Vehicle owners file an owner/owner-operator form, and people who don’t own a car file a non-owner certificate. The state requires you to keep the SR22 policy active for a specific time – usually three years.

When you have a suspended driver’s license, you can apply for license reinstatement in Tennessee by contacting the Tennessee Driver Services division. They’ll tell you what requirements you need to complete, which vary from person to person.

SR22 Insurance Tennessee

SR22 Insurance Tennessee

To get a restricted license after a license suspension, a certificate called SR22 insurance Tennessee must be filed with the state. People who have committed certain motor vehicle violations are considered at higher risk for repeat offenses. Therefore, it’s more important for these drivers to be financially responsible for injury to other people, or property damage resulting from their actions behind the wheel. The SR22 is monitored to guarantee that they are insured at all times.

SR22 insurance Tennessee is high risk insurance you must purchase after license suspension in order to get a restricted license. It is not an insurance policy itself, but is a certificate attached as a rider to your auto insurance policy. The certificate is filed with the Tennessee Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) by your insurance provider. An SR22 filing is a guarantee that you will carry the state’s minimum liability insurance requirement for a certain time period in the future.