Reinstate your license with Mississippi DUI insurance.

Mississippi DUI & SR22 Insurance

Mississippi DUI insurance is high-risk SR22 insurance required for license reinstatement after alcohol or drug-related suspensions. You can get SR22 insurance after meeting specific requirements determined by the state. DUI offenses are either misdemeanors or felony violations. Penalties for DUI vary depending on the circumstances of each case.

The state requires Mississippi DUI insurance (SR22 insurance) to reinstate your driver’s license after a drunk or impaired driving conviction. DUI (driving under the influence) violations can be a criminal

SR22 Insurance Mississippi

SR22 Insurance Mississippi

There are different reasons people may require SR22 insurance Mississippi. You may need it to reinstate your driver’s license. Or you may need it to comply with a legal judgment or court order. The SR22 form is endorsed to your auto insurance policy, or to a non-owner insurance policy if you don’t own a vehicle. The SR22 filing guarantees that you’ll remain insured for a certain period of time, or lose your driving privileges.

When you want to reinstate your license or need to satisfy a court order, you must purchase SR22 insurance Mississippi for a period of time. A number of motor vehicle offenses and other circumstances can result in a license suspension.