SR22 Insurance California

SR22 Insurance California

SR22 insurance California is a certificate of financial responsibility. Being financially responsible when driving means having adequate liability insurance coverage. California requires all drivers to have minimum auto insurance coverage. When people have motor vehicle violations on their records, the state will suspend their license. SR22 insurance goes a step further than standard auto insurance. It guarantees that you’ll remain insured for a specific time in exchange for license reinstatement.

The California DMV requires all California vehicle owners to carry minimum liability insurance. After a license suspension, SR22 insurance California fills this requirement. SR22 is a high-risk insurance form endorsed to an auto insurance policy or a non-owner insurance policy.

Having too many at-fault accidents requires California high risk auto insurance.

California High Risk Auto Insurance

You may need California high risk auto insurance (SR22 insurance) if you want to reinstate your license after a suspension. Or you may need it for other reasons related to insurance risk. High risk SR22 policies are more costly than standard auto insurance. But there are ways to get an affordable rate.

If you need California high risk auto insurance (SR22 insurance), UltraCar Insurance offers competitive rates and exceptional service. The state requires you to carry California SR22 insurance to reinstate your license after suspension, or for other risk-related insurance reasons.