After a DUI arrest, you may need DUI insurance Alabama.

DUI Insurance Alabama

When you have a suspended license after an alcohol or drug-related motor vehicle conviction, you’ll need DUI insurance Alabama. DUI insurance is usually known as SR22 insurance, and you can get this type of policy if you own a car or don’t own one. An insurance provider endorses the SR22 certificate to an auto policy or a non-owner insurance policy. Submitting the SR22 certificate to the Alabama DMV results in the reinstatement of your license.

DUI insurance Alabama, or SR22 insurance, is a requirement for license reinstatement after a DUI conviction. Getting a DUI or DWI conviction not only leads to license suspension but can play a significant role in your future auto insurance coverage rate.

No Car Insurance Alabama

No Car Insurance Alabama

No car insurance Alabama is an insurance policy for people who don’t own a vehicle. Usually known as non-owner insurance, it covers you if you occasionally drive a borrowed car. In many cases, people buy this type of policy with an SR22 attachment so they can reinstate their suspended license. However, some people need a non-owner SR22 policy to comply with a court order or other legal judgment. You can also get a straight non-owner policy just to have additional coverage when you drive a non-owned vehicle.

Similar to other states, Alabama has legislation requiring mandatory auto liability insurance. When you don’t own a vehicle, no car insurance Alabama is a policy that covers you

Get SR22 insurance after an Alabama DUI conviction.

Alabama DUI & SR22 Insurance

An Alabama DUI conviction is a serious motor vehicle violation that results in license suspension. There are several requirements you’ll need to fulfill to reinstate your license. One of those requirements is to file an SR22 insurance certificate with the state. The SR22 is attached to your auto insurance policy, or to a non-owner insurance policy if you don’t own a vehicle.

When you have an Alabama DUI or DWI conviction, the state will suspend your driving privileges until you apply for license reinstatement. When you’re eligible for reinstatement, the state requires you to carry SR22 DUI insurance, usually for three years.