Nebraska Suspended License Insurance

After a license suspension, you'll need an SR22 Nebraska Suspended License Insurance filing. We make the process easy!

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Nebraska Suspended License Insurance

Nebraska Suspended License Insurance

After a No Proof of Insurance ticket, you’ll need Nebraska Suspended License Insurance, or SR22 insurance, to reinstate your license. There are various reasons a state suspends someone’s driver’s license, including driving without insurance. When you need to reinstate your license, there are several steps to achieve that. The last requirement is to carry Nebraska SR22 insurance for a certain number of years.

Nebraska Suspended License Insurance is known as SR22 insurance. You can’t legally operate a vehicle with a suspended license, so the state requires you to carry Nebraska SR22 insurance if you want to regain your driving privileges.

Nebraska SR22 insurance is a guarantee of minimum liability insurance coverage. In exchange for license reinstatement, you agree to remain insured for a time the state determines. If you cancel SR22 insurance coverage or miss a payment during that time, the state will suspend your license again.

Reasons for license suspension

There are several reasons people lose their license. Some of the most common reasons for license suspension are:

  • A No Proof of Insurance Conviction *
  • Driving under the influence / Driving while intoxicated
  • Getting too many tickets (points)
  • Missing a court appointment
  • Not paying child support

* The state may grant an exception to a No Proof of Insurance conviction if you have insurance but did not have proof of insurance in your possession. In that case, you can provide to the Nebraska DMV a Letter of Verification from your insurance provider with a legible copy of the citation (ticket). When the DMV receives this documentation, it may remove the suspension from your record.

How long will I need to carry Nebraska suspended license insurance?

The length of license suspensions will vary depending on the individual circumstances. Some suspensions can be 30 days to a year, 1-3 years or longer. A license may even be revoked permanently in some cases.

How do I reinstate my Nebraska license?

Contact the Nebraska DMV for information about your suspension and how to become eligible for reinstatement. You may have to pay unpaid tickets, a fine, a reinstatement fee, or complete a driver improvement or DUI program. Nebraska suspended license insurance requirements vary depending on the reason for suspension and prior driving record, among other considerations.

You can check your license status and reinstatement requirements on the Nebraska DMV website or call the DMV.

How to file a Nebraska Suspended License Insurance SR22 certificate

Once you’ve completed your state requirements, you can file an SR22 certificate with the DMV. A licensed SR22 insurance provider will attach the certificate to an insurance policy and submit the form electronically to the DMV.

Step 1: If you own a car, call your insurance provider to ask if they can file an SR22 with a suspended license. If not, you’ll have to switch to another company to complete the suspended license filing.

Step 2: If you don’t own a vehicle, you’ll need to purchase an SR22 non owner insurance policy.

Step 3: Pay a $50 filing fee (cashier’s check or money order) to the Nebraska DMV, or pay online.

When the SR22 filing process is complete, the DMV will reinstate your license.

UltraCar Insurance will help make the reinstatement process more manageable when you need Nebraska Suspended License Insurance. Whatever your situation, our experienced, licensed agents will get you back on the road. You can get Nebraska SR22 insurance if you own a car or need a non owner SR22 insurance Nebraska policy or Broad Form SR22 insurance. Just give us a call or complete our online quote form for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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