North Dakota DUI Laws & Penalties

North Dakota DUI Laws & Penalties

If you have a North Dakota DUI violation, we'll help you get license reinstatement with an SR22 filing. Start a quote now.

North Dakota DUI Laws & Penalties


North Dakota DUI laws and penalties reflect the seriousness of drunk driving or impaired driving. In most cases you’ll face administrative penalties and fines, but in some instances additional criminal penalties may be charged. When your license is suspended after a DUI violation, you’ll need to purchase North Dakota SR22 insurance for reinstatement.

As in all states, North Dakota DUI laws and penalties reflect the seriousness of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. It can be quite easy to be pulled over for suspicion of drunk or impaired driving. Law enforcement officers look for such driving behaviors as variation in speed, (more…)

If your license is suspended and you don’t own a car or other vehicle, North Dakota non owner SR22 insurance is required to start the reinstatement process. You don’t have to be a vehicle owner to have a driver’s license. You may occasionally drive a vehicle owned by another person, or your job may require you to drive a company car. Even though you don’t own a vehicle, your driver’s license can be suspended for any of the same reasons that a car owner’s license can be suspended. (more…)


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