California DUI

California DUI

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California DUI

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When you have a California DUI or DWI violation, one of the penalties is license suspension for a period of time. In order to obtain a restricted license for driving to and from work, you’ll need to purchase a California SR22 insurance certificate from an insurance provider licensed in the state of California. You can file SR22 insurance with the California DMV whether you own a vehicle or not.

The decision to drive after drinking is one that can negatively affect your personal and financial life. If an officer pulls you over for suspected DUI and you do not pass the DUI breath test, you will be arrested and charged with a California DUI violation. This will lead to suspension of your driver’s license and having to go through an administrative hearing process to obtain license reinstatement.

In general, the period of suspension for a California DUI violation is 4 months for the first offense if you are over the age of 21. During the California license suspension period you may apply for a hearing to request a restricted license so you can go back and forth to work. After paying a reinstatement fee and filing an SR22 financial responsibility form with the California DMV, you may be granted a restricted license. The SR22 in California is also known as a “California Insurance Proof Certificate”, and it be written if you do or do not own a vehicle. SR22 is not a stand alone policy; if you own a vehicle, the SR22 is added to your existing auto insurance policy as an endorsement.

If you don’t own a vehicle, you can still obtain California DUI insurance by filing a non owner SR22 certificate with the DMV. This will allow reinstatement of your driver’s license and make it possible for you to legally operate a non-owned vehicle on an occasional, as-needed basis. For SR22 insurance quotes without a vehicle, see our California Non Owner SR22 Insurance page.

I’ve you’ve had a California DUI conviction, UltraCar Insurance will help you obtain a restricted license by purchasing a non owner SR22 policy if you do not own a vehicle, or an SR22 owner-operator policy for your vehicle. When you need SR22 DUI insurance, our California licensed agents will help guide you through the process of license reinstatement and provide the information you need to make the right choice for your situation and budget.


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