What You Need After A Virginia DUI Conviction

What do you need to do after a Virginia DUI conviction? We’ll help with one: an FR-44 insurance filing. Call today for a low rate!

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What you need after a Virginia DUI conviction depends on several factors specific to your case. You must comply with all state requirements to get back your driving privileges. You’ll need Virginia FR-44 insurance and likely an ignition interlock device in your vehicle.

Do you have a license suspension for driving under the influence? You may wonder what you need after a Virginia DUI. Initially, the state will suspend your driver’s license for a specific time. After that, you’ll need to file an FR-44 certificate to reinstate your driving privileges.

UltraCar Insurance provides Virginia SR22 and FR44 insurance at low rates. We also partner with Intoxalock® to assist customers with their ignition interlock requirements. More on this later.

For adults, Virginia defines driving under the influence (DUI) as operating a vehicle while having a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08% or higher. However, the state can convict someone of DUI if they display impaired driving ability – even with a lower BAC or evidence of other drugs.

Let’s start by reviewing some of the consequences and penalties for a DUI conviction in Virginia.

Virginia DUI Consequences

The penalties for DUI in Virginia depend on the specifics of the conviction. Some of the factors the state considers include:

  • Where you were driving
  • Whether you refused to submit a breath test
  • Previous DUI convictions
  • How recent were your prior convictions
  • Your BAC reading at the time of the incident
  • Whether you’re under the age of 21
  • Who was in the vehicle with you
  • If you caused an accident

Virginia has harsh penalties for alcohol and drug-related motor vehicle violations. They include fines, jail time, license suspension or revocation, and mandatory alcohol education treatment programs. Again, the exact penalties depend on your driving history and other personal and geographical factors.

1- Fines

The fines for a Virginia DUI conviction start at $250 for a first offense and increase to $2,500 for a third offense within ten years.

2- Jail Time

A first-time DUI in Virginia is punishable by jail time, depending on your BAC, whether there were any children in the vehicle, and other factors. For a second offense, the possible jail sentence can be up to one year. Jail time increases to five years for the third offense.

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3- Driver’s License Suspension Or Revocation

A first-time Virginia DUI can result in up to a one-year license suspension. For a second offense, the license suspension can be up to three years, or the state may revoke the license indefinitely. After a revocation, applying for a new license is possible by complying with specific requirements.

4- Virginia DUI Alcohol Education Treatment Programs

After a conviction for DUI in Virginia, the state can require drivers to complete an Alcohol Safety Action Program (ASAP) to reinstate their licenses. The ASAP will oversee and screen your alcohol consumption and offer interventions appropriately. Your probation period after a first DUI is one year. A third conviction results in three-years probation.

5- High Insurance Premiums

A DUI conviction can cause your insurance premiums to significantly increase since you must file a Virginia FR44 certificate with the state. The requirements for this certificate include an insurance policy with high liability coverage limits. UltraCar Insurance provides some of the lowest FR-44 rates in Virginia.

6- Mandatory Ignition Interlock Device

The court or the DMV may require an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) installation before restoring your driving privileges. An IID is a small device that connects to your vehicle’s ignition. Blowing into the device measures the concentration of alcohol in your breath. If alcohol is present in the sample, your car will not start. This ensures that you are only able to drive if sober.

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Saving Money After a DUI in Virginia

A DUI conviction can be a real financial burden. Still, there are specific measures you can take to save money on Florida FR-44 insurance and an ignition interlock device.

Pay Less for an Ignition Interlock Device

Ignition interlocks are produced by authorized manufacturers according to specific quality standards. Therefore, prices are relatively similar between these companies, but still, installation can be expensive. UltraCar Insurance partners with Intoxalock to reduce this cost for our customers. Visit our Intoxalock® page to learn more.

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Getting Virginia FR-44 Insurance at Low Rates

The minimum liability coverage requirements for FR-44 insurance are double the coverage requirements of standard car insurance policies. That’s because drivers convicted of DUI are considered at a higher risk of making an insurance claim. Therefore, DUI insurance is also more expensive.

UltraCar Insurance is an experienced provider of high-risk FR44 Insurance in Virginia, offering high-risk auto insurance in 34 states since 2012. If you need FR-44 insurance but don’t own a vehicle, we’ll assist you with a non-owner FR-44 filing to reinstate your license. (If you have a non-alcohol or non-drug-related license suspension, you’ll need an SR-22 insurance filing.)

Are you ready to get back on the road after a Virginia DUI license suspension? Contact us now for affordable FR-44 insurance quotes!