What to Know About Oregon Non-Owner Insurance

Oregon non-owner insurance is for drivers who don't own a car and need to reinstate their license. Call today for affordable SR-22 rates!

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Do you occasionally drive a borrowed vehicle and have a suspended license? If so, you must file an Oregon non-owner insurance certificate (an SR-22 form) to regain driving privileges. This blog post tells you what you should know to reinstate your license when you don’t own a car.

Obtaining Oregon non-owner insurance is crucial if you occasionally borrow a vehicle and have a driver’s license suspension. This auto insurance policy, attached with an SR-22 form and filed with the Oregon DMV, is a testament to your financial responsibility and ability to cover claims in the event of an accident. It’s not just a formality but an essential step towards restoring your driver’s license.

Drivers who don’t own a vehicle can choose to carry non-owner auto insurance without an SR-22 endorsement. However, if they commit a serious traffic offense, like DUI, they must get SR-22 insurance. Similar to how SR-22 insurance in Oregon works for vehicle owners, non-owner SR-22 insurance does the same for those who do not own a car.

Understanding the limitations of non-owner SR-22 insurance is crucial. While it includes liability coverage for injuries to other parties and damage to their property, it does not cover damage to the borrowed vehicle or bodily injury to you and any passengers in the car. Standard auto insurance policies cover these aspects, so verify that the vehicle owner has insurance coverage.

Are owner & non-owner SR-22 insurance the same?

States do not require individuals who drive borrowed vehicles to carry non-owner auto insurance. However, following a license suspension, most states, including Oregon, require high-risk drivers to obtain a non-owner policy and submit a certificate of financial responsibility (SR-22 insurance certificate) with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). That way, the state has assurance that an individual with a recently reinstated license will only drive with adequate liability coverage.

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The difference between owner & non-owner SR-22

The state requires people to carry Oregon SR-22 insurance for various reasons. Drivers with a license suspension must get it to reinstate their license. SR-22 insurance protects vehicle owners and drivers who don’t own a car. The concept behind owner and non-owner policies is similar. The critical distinction is whether you drive your automobile or someone else’s. Non-owner insurance coverage has policy limitations that standard auto insurance does not have.

Remember that Oregon non-owner insurance will only pay for medical bills or repairs resulting from injuries you inflict on others or claims for damage to their vehicles and property. In an at-fault accident while operating the vehicle of a spouse, relative, friend, or another person, SR-22 insurance will not compensate you for damages to that borrowed vehicle.

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Discuss what kind of SR-22 coverage you need with your insurance provider. The process is similar, regardless of which options you choose. How much does a monthly premium for Oregon non-owner insurance cost? That depends upon your specific circumstances for requiring the insurance. These factors could include your driving record, the reason for your license suspension, and the coverage you need. Therefore, premiums vary by situation.

Once you obtain your insurance policy and the DMV receives, evaluates, and approves your filing and other required documentation, the state will restore your driving privileges. However, it’s crucial to remember that the state requires high-risk drivers to keep SR-22 insurance in force without interruption. You must maintain continuous insurance coverage for the mandated time to avoid immediate license suspension. In most states, high-risk drivers must maintain this coverage for three years.

Things To Keep In Mind About Non-Owner SR22 Insurance

High-risk drivers with a license suspension must carry SR-22 insurance in Oregon to legally drive a motor vehicle, regardless of whether or not they own the car they drive.

Obtaining SR-22 insurance in Oregon may seem challenging, but in most cases, it’s simpler than you think. The key is understanding and getting the type of SR-22 insurance you need. You can rely on UltraCar Insurance to explain your options and guide you in making the most appropriate decision. We’ve been assisting Oregon drivers with high-risk insurance needs since 2012, and we’re here to simplify the process for you.

It’s simpler than it may seem at first. The key is to understand and get the SR-22 insurance you need. You can rely on UltraCar Insurance to explain your choices and guide you in making the most appropriate decision. We’ve been assisting Oregon drivers with high-risk insurance needs since 2012, and we’re here to help you, too.

When you carry SR-22 insurance, you must make any alterations cautiously. Ensure that the state is aware of and approves any modifications you make, such as:

  • Switching insurance providers
  • Changing from non-owner to standard auto insurance
  • Moving to a new state
  • Any other changes

Even if you have a legitimate reason to abandon or change your policy, it’s crucial to take the necessary precautions and do it correctly. Please do so to avoid a coverage gap, which can lead to losing your license again.

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If you require Oregon non-owner insurance, UltraCar Insurance is here to help. We specialize in high-risk auto insurance, which the state requires for driver’s license reinstatement. Contact us today for an affordable rate with no filing fees! Our friendly agents will help you understand which high-risk insurance option is the best so you can get back behind the wheel quickly.

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