7 Things To Know When Choosing An SR-22 Insurance Provider in Oregon

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Reinstate your driver's license with an affordable Oregon SR-22 rate.

There’s much to know about choosing an SR-22 insurance provider in Oregon. However, for most people, the overriding factor is the cost. A licensed high-risk auto insurance provider will identify the lowest rate for your specific case.

Do you need an SR-22 certificate to reinstate your driver’s license or maintain your driving privileges? If so, working with a licensed SR-22 insurance provider in Oregon is best.

But you’re probably asking, “How do I know which insurance provider to choose?” You’re not alone. Much information is available, and an experienced high-risk insurance agent will help you understand what’s relevant and what’s not in your case.

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is how much your auto insurance premiums will increase. UltraCar Insurance helps you by surveying the insurance rates of top insurance companies. Get cost-effective Oregon SR-22 insurance quotes that provide your desired coverage. In a hurry? Give us a call now!

Here are seven essential things to know when choosing an SR-22 insurance provider in Oregon.

1- SR-22 is a Certificate of Financial Responsibility

An SR-22 is a document a licensed auto insurance provider files with the state. It verifies that you’re financially responsible for covering any damages or injuries you may cause in an auto accident. Oregon license reinstatement requirements mandate this filing for high-risk drivers with a license suspension committing certain driving offenses such as DUI.

2- SR-22 Insurance is a High-Risk Insurance

SR-22 is high-risk insurance for vehicle owners and non-owners that the state requires for license reinstatement. Insurance companies consider people who require SR-22 certificates to be at a greater risk of causing accidents. The likelihood of paying claims is higher, so insuring these drivers is more costly for the companies. This is why the premiums for SR-22 insurance tend to be higher than standard car insurance, even though the minimum liability coverage requirements are the same.

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3- You Need to Keep SR-22 Insurance For 3 Years

You typically need to carry SR-22 insurance for three years. Canceling your policy or letting it lapse results in the insurance company filing an SR-26 form with the DMV. Then, your SR-22 certificate will be canceled immediately, which may result in other possible consequences.

Because you will likely pay a higher insurance rate for three years, you’ll want to get the lowest rate possible for SR-22 insurance. Get the most affordable insurance policy with adequate coverage. Even small savings in premiums can accumulate to a significant amount.

4- Not Every Car Insurance Company Offers SR-22 Insurance

Underwriting for SR-22 insurance is different from standard car insurance policies. Many auto insurance companies don’t offer SR-22 insurance, and those that do have expensive rates. UltraCar Insurance does our best to find you the most cost-effective SR-22 rate for your needs, and our service can’t be beat.

5- Some Insurance Providers May Offer Lower Rates Than Others

Insurance companies use various methods to determine the risk of insuring a particular driver. This can affect the premiums that they charge. A high-risk auto insurance company like UltraCar Insurance uses more sophisticated methods to calculate risk. This may result in lower premiums for drivers required to carry SR-22 insurance.

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6- It’s Not Easy To Choose An SR-22 Insurance Provider in Oregon

SR-22 insurance providers in Oregon offer different prices for different types of drivers. They’re more experienced in a niche market, have a risk pool of specific drivers, and are better at estimating risk for certain people.

As you can imagine, it takes work for a driver with no experience in the industry to find the one insurance company best suited for their specific case. UltraCar Insurance helps you find the most affordable policies quickly.

7- Cost Is Important When Looking For An SR-22 Insurance Provider in Oregon

SR-22 insurance policies must meet the DMV’s minimum liability coverage requirements. So, no matter your chosen service provider, you’ll get the same liability coverage unless you want coverage that exceeds the minimum requirements.

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Another consideration is that some insurance companies may take longer to file SR-22 certificates, which can be a significant concern for some drivers. In most cases, UltraCar Insurance obtains and files your SR-22 certificate the same day so you can get back on the road as soon as possible.

Finding An SR-22 Insurance Provider in Oregon

Ready to find an affordable SR-22 insurance provider in Oregon? We’re ready to help! You’ll get low rates on SR-22 insurance for car owners and Oregon non-owner SR-22 insurance for those who don’t own a vehicle. We also help you save with NO filing fees, brokerage fees, or hidden costs. Contact us or start a quote online today!

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