SR22 or FR44 for Motorcycles: Which Do You Need?

Depending on the reason for license suspension, you can get an SR22 or FR44 for motorcycles. Call us today to reinstate your license!

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Make sure to get the correct high-risk insurance filing - SR22 or FR44 - for your motorcycle.

Do you need insurance on your motorcycle, want to switch providers, or need an SR22 or FR44 filing for license reinstatement? It may surprise you that you can attach an SR22 or FR44 certificate to your motorcycle insurance policy. Depending on the reason for your license suspension, you’ll need either a Virginia SR22 or FR44 insurance filing.

If your motorcycle isn’t insured yet, you want to switch providers, or you need high-risk insurance to reinstate your license, we’re here to help! Did you know you can attach an SR22 or FR44 for motorcycles to your insurance policy? Read this primer to learn which high-risk insurance certificate you need to file with the state. We’ll help you reinstate your license by quickly filing your certificate at the lowest rate possible.

Why do you ride a motorcycle? The lower carbon footprint, ease of commuting, camaraderie, easy parking, cost-effectiveness? The feeling of freedom while riding a bike can’t be matched, and it opens up a new world of fun and adventure.

If you ride your motorcycle on the roads of Virginia, the state requires you to be financially responsible. Financial responsibility means you must carry minimum liability insurance coverage on your bike. Insurance allows you to pay claims if you cause an accident resulting in personal injuries or property damage to others.

What to Know About Getting SR22 or FR44 Insurance in Virginia

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The state of Virginia prohibits driving without minimum liability insurance. If reckless driving or a DUI or DWI charge is on your driving record,  it leads to hefty fines and, in most cases, suspension of your driving license. Insurance companies categorize drivers as high-risk after a license suspension, which can lead to trouble finding an affordable insurance rate from a reputable company. Luckily, UltraCar Insurance has you covered.

Reasons the state requires someone to carry high-risk insurance include:

  • Excessive traffic violations or speeding tickets
  • Driving without insurance
  • DUI violations
  • Driving without a valid license
  • A court judgment or legal order

SR22 and FR44 forms are not insurance policies; they are certificates of financial responsibility attached to an insurance policy. The state considers these filings a guarantee of adequate insurance coverage on your part.

So which certificate do you need – an SR22 or FR44 for motorcycles? If your license suspension did not result from a DUI offense, you’ll file an SR22 certificate for license reinstatement. Virginia requires an SR22 filing if you lose driving privileges after a traffic violation not involving alcohol or drugs.

In Virginia, you’ll need to file an FR44 certificate to reinstate your motorcycle license after a DUI conviction. DUI convictions are a significant offense. Therefore, the liability coverage requirements for FR44 insurance are higher (an more expensive) than for SR22 insurance.

Your policy should cover the DMV-set limits, which are usually double that of SR22 for bodily injuries per person, bodily injuries per accident, and property damage coverage per accident. Available motorcycle coverage options are:

  • Medical Expense
  • Transportation Expense
  • Accessory Coverage

Virginia Non-Owner Motorcycle Insurance

Violations committed while riding a motorcycle can also lead to license suspension. But if you need to reinstate your license, you can only get an owner’s SR22 or FR44 motorcycle insurance policy and filing. Non-owner policies are not available for motorcycles. But if you want a cheaper non-owner policy and can forgo riding your bike, you can get a non-owner SR22 or FR44 policy. A non-owner filing will allow you to drive a borrowed automobile.

How Long Do I Need to Maintain an SR22 or FR44 Filing in Virginia?

Good news! You won’t need to maintain an SR22 or FR44 for motorcycles policy forever! People generally need to carry SR22 and SR44 coverage without lapse for at least three years. However, the amount of time required can vary based on the severity of the infraction. If any lapse is detected, your insurance carrier must notify the Virginia DMV. They do this by filing an FR46 form (for FR44 filings) or an SR26 (for SR22 filing). The FR46 or SR26 form cancels the existing certificate, which results in immediate license suspension.

How to Save Money When Insuring a Motorcycle

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Driving without valid insurance for your vehicle is incredibly risky and leaves you and your motorcycle financially vulnerable. Working with an insurance company with extensive experience in high-risk insurance makes all the difference in helping you save money.

Motorcycles vary from high-performance sports bikes to cruisers; so the insurance premiums vary widely. Your rate depends on the bike you ride, its value, performance features, and many other factors. Connect with the licensed agents at UltraCar Insurance to get your bike adequately insured, whether you need a standard or high-risk motorcycle insurance policy.

We provide comprehensive collision and liability motorcycle insurance coverage, as well as S22 or FR44 for motorcycles. We’ve helped bike owners find the most affordable and appropriate motorcycle, commercial auto, and non-owner insurance policies that comply with the state laws.

Our professional team specializes in high-risk insurance coverage and certificate filings. Our knowledgeable agents can help you get the right high-risk SR22 or FR44 insurance in Virginia. Call us to schedule a consultation or get a quote for FR44 or SR22 insurance in Virginia today!

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