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Woman arrested for Illinois DUI will need to get SR-22 insurance.

The Personal & Legal Impacts of Illinois DUI

Most people don’t think about the many ways an Illinois DUI conviction affects lives until it happens. This article explains how a DUI conviction affects the drunk driver and others, as well as the unanticipated personal, legal, and financial results. One effect is a license suspension and the resulting SR-22 insurance requirement.

Driving under the influence (DUI) is a motor vehicle offense with far-reaching impacts on the individual and society. Illinois DUI cases are alarmingly common, so let’s consider the full extent of the outcomes and legal implications of driving under the influence.

Non Owner SR22 Insurance Illinois

Non Owner SR22 Insurance Illinois

Can you get SR22 insurance if you don’t own a car? Yes, it’s called non owner SR22 insurance Illinois. Buying non owner insurance with an SR22 certificate allows you to reinstate your license. It meets the state’s minimum liability insurance requirement, and covers you when driving a non-owned vehicle.

Non owner SR22 insurance Illinois is high-risk insurance the state requires for license reinstatement when the driver does not own a vehicle. The state of Illinois penalizes drivers for a number of motor vehicle offenses, including driving without liability insurance.

SR22 Insurance Illinois

SR22 Insurance Illinois

SR22 insurance Illinois is a financial responsibility certificate that’s attached to an insurance policy. The certificate is filed with the state as a guarantee that you’ll carry the state-required liability insurance coverage for a certain period of time. Both vehicle owners and those who don’t own a vehicle can purchase SR22 insurance coverage.

Certain motor vehicle offenses can result in suspension of your drivers license. When you have a license suspension, the state will require you to file an SR22 insurance Illinois certificate to reinstate your driving privileges.