Why Do Florida Drivers Need FR-44 Insurance?

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Florida is one of two states with FR-44 insurance requirements. Drivers with DUI or DWI violations need this insurance certificate for license reinstatement. UltraCar Insurance helps Florida drivers get FR-44 insurance to return to the road. Learn all about it in this guide.

Getting a DUI is probably the most upsetting motor vehicle violation you can experience. A DUI conviction has many adverse personal and financial effects on your life, including having to reinstate your license and paying much higher insurance premiums for several years.

Statistics show there were over 814 alcohol-impaired driving fatalities in Florida in 2019. In addition, 68 of these fatalities were caused by drivers under 21.

Every state treats DUI convictions seriously, as reflected in the laws that penalize drunk driving. DUI convictions (especially two or more) usually result in license suspension, fines, extensive court-ordered community service, and possible jail time.

In every state except Florida and Virginia, drivers must get SR-22 insurance to reinstate their license for suspension. However, in Florida and Virginia, you must get FR-44 insurance to reinstate driving privileges after a DUI conviction.

What is FR-44 Insurance?

Most people think FR-44 is auto insurance, but that’s a misconception. An FR-44 insurance certificate is proof of insurance that proves to the state that you meet at least the minimum insurance requirements. Your insurance provider will send confirmation of coverage to the Florida HSMV, which allows you to reinstate your license.

A few insurance providers charge a fee to file the FR-44 certificate. TIP: If any fees are involved, the insurance provider must disclose them on the declaration page. If there is a filing fee, continue shopping around. Other than this, obtaining an FR-44 certification is usually straightforward.

You’ll need to find a car insurance company willing to insure you. For instance, complications arise if you have an uninsured driving charge and a DUI. Sometimes, drivers with multiple DUI convictions struggle to find insurance from traditional providers. At that point, they must seek companies specializing in high-risk insurance.

As previously noted, Florida and Virginia are the only states with FR-44 insurance. That doesn’t mean other states are more lenient on DUI convictions. Instead, other states use SR-22 insurance for all motor vehicle offenses. Florida and Virginia require SR-22 insurance for non-substance-related violations only.

FR-44 insurance typically requires you to purchase double the minimum liability coverage of standard auto insurance. Florida, for instance, requires drivers to have a 100/300/50 policy for an FR-44 certification. So, you’ll need an insurance policy covering $100,000 per person for bodily injury, $300,000 per accident, and $50,000 for property damage.

How Much Does Filing for an FR-44 Cost?

Many insurance providers do not charge to file an FR-44 certificate. Some may require a one-time payment between $15 and $35. However, the actual cost of high-risk insurance becomes evident when you see the premium necessary to satisfy the minimum insurance coverage required. You will see a significant increase in your insurance premiums for several years. Statistics show the average annual full coverage car insurance increases by over 74 percent for drivers with a DUI or DWI conviction, meaning drivers must pay an extra $1,470 for their car insurance.

How Long Must You Carry the FR-44 Insurance?

Of course, you want to put a DUI conviction behind you as soon as possible. But doing so is easier said than done. Florida requires drivers with DUI convictions to maintain FR-44 insurance for three years (sometimes longer based on the offense). Some drivers must continue carrying FR-44 insurance longer if they commit another driving violation or if it’s not their first DUI.

In addition, a DUI conviction in Florida remains on your record for at least 10 years, but 3-5 years will be the most critical period as far as the rating. The Florida DMV assigns a case 9-digit case number starting with 4123456789. If the state requires you to have an FR-44 filing, you’ll notice the case number when you enter your driver’s license number. You can check your case number on the Florida HSMV website.

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FR-44 Insurance is necessary for drivers with DUI or DWI convictions in Florida. You’ll need FR-44 insurance to get back on the road following license suspension for a DUI or DWI conviction. We’re a family-owned business operating out of the St. Louis metro area. Consider contacting us if you’re looking for standard SR-22 FR-44 Insurance provider Florida or non-owner SR-22 and Non Owner FR-44 Insurance Florida. Visit our website to learn more, then call or get an online quote from us today!

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