Virginia FR-44 or SR-22 Insurance: Which Do You Need?

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Reinstate your license with an affordable Virginia FR-44 or SR-22 policy.

FR-44 and SR-22 are certificates of financial responsibility drivers must file with the Virginia DMV to reinstate their licenses. Filing these certificates does the same thing, but for different reasons. An auto or non-owner insurance policy guarantees the validity of the certificate.

Drivers must file a Virginia FR-44 or SR-22 insurance certificate certificate to reinstate their license after a suspension. Both of these financial responsibility documents guarantee the state that your insurance meets specific requirements for liability coverage.

UltraCar Insurance offers high-risk insurance policies that meet or exceed minimum SR-22 and FR-44 certificate requirements in Virginia at affordable rates. We’ll quickly file your certification with the DMV so you can get your driving privileges back without further inconvenience.

Do You Need Virginia FR-44 or SR-22 Insurance?

Let’s learn more about SR-22 and FR-44 insurance in Virginia to see which one you need.

Which Drivers Need Virginia SR-22 Insurance?

The DMV requires you to carry an SR-22 financial responsibility certification to reinstate your license after non-alcohol, non-drug-related traffic violations. Common reasons for license suspension that need SR-22 insurance in Virginia include:

Before filing an SR-22 certificate, you must have a high-risk insurance policy that meets Virginia’s minimum liability coverage requirements.

SR-22 insurance is an insurance policy that must meet the minimum coverage requirements the DMV requires all drivers to carry. However, the premiums for SR-22 insurance may be higher than they were for standard insurance, depending on the circumstances of the driver’s license suspension. low-risk car insurance. Still, a reputable insurance company with experience in high-risk insurance, such as UltraCar Insurance, can offer the lowest rates possible for SR-22 insurance in Virginia, with no filing fees!

Drivers Who Need Virginia FR-44 Insurance

Did you lose your license after a DUI conviction? FR-44 is the financial responsibility form Virginia DMV requires for license reinstatement due to substance-related motor vehicle violations involving alcohol or drugs. The Virginia DMV Financial Responsibility Certifications web page lists reasons the state requires drivers to submit an FR-44 insurance filing.

Liability coverage requirements for FR-44 insurance are double that of standard auto insurance. Insurance companies consider drivers with DUI convictions to be at higher risk of causing costly accidents, thus the higher coverage requirements.

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How To Choose an Insurance Provider for SR-22 or FR-44 Insurance

If the DMV requires you to carry a certificate of financial responsibility, you’re a high-risk driver. From an insurance company’s perspective, high-risk drivers are more likely to submit claims.

Consider that drivers must carry SR-22 or FR-44 insurance for 3 to 5 years. Paying higher auto insurance premiums for that time makes getting an affordable SR-22 or FR-44 insurance rate especially critical.

One factor that can make SR-22 or FR-44 insurance more affordable is the insurance company’s confidence in its risk assessment. Insurance companies that estimate your risk more accurately and with a small error margin can offer lower rates. Lower premiums, no matter how much lower, can save you a lot in the long run.

UltraCar Insurance offers SR-22 and FR-44 insurance in 34 states, including Virginia. Each of our insurance professionals has at least five years of experience, allowing us to calculate risk accurately and offer the most affordable insurance policies for your specific case.

These are some ways to identify companies offering the lowest prices.

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Experience in The Industry

Not every driver that needs an SR-22 or FR-44 certificate presents the same level of risk. Insurance companies that lack experience assume the highest level of risk for every driver to protect themselves from potential losses. Experienced insurance companies can better analyze your record, which lets them write the policy you want at a cheaper rate than preferred insurance providers.

UltraCar Insurance has been in the auto insurance industry since 2012. We’re one of the top high-risk insurance providers in the country, and our professionals have at least ten years of experience in this field.

Specialty in High-Risk Auto Insurance

Choose a company that specializes in high-risk insurance. Assessing risk for high-risk drivers is significantly more complicated than for low-risk drivers. Insurance companies that provide standard auto insurance don’t have the necessary experience to write SR-22 and FR-44 policies.

Service Areas

Insurance companies that provide insurance to many drivers have more experience—but more importantly, they have access to larger risk pools. They’re better financially cushioned, allowing them to offer lower rates without risking loss.

Over 129,000 customers in 34 states trust UltraCar Insurance for competitive high-risk insurance rates across our service areas.

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