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SR22 insurance helps people with a license suspension by providing a way to reinstate their driving privileges. SR22 FAQs answers common questions about this high-risk insurance. How long a driver must maintain SR22 insurance varies depending on state laws and the circumstances of their violation. However, most states require drivers to keep SR22 insurance for three to five years.

Many people have never heard of SR22 or FR44 certificates before being notified that they must get one. If you’re one of those people, you probably have many questions. The experienced professionals at UltraCar Insurance have made a list of SR22 FAQs to answer your questions and address your inquiries. If you don’t find your question in the list below, feel free to discuss your concerns with us through a quick phone call.

FAQ #1- Why Does the DMV Require  an SR22 filing?

The state requires drivers to file an SR22 through their auto insurance company when they want to reinstate their suspended license. It’s proof of ‘Safety and Responsibility’ following convictions for reckless driving, accumulating tickets, uninsured accidents, invalid licenses, not paying child support, and similar offenses. However, if you have a substance-related DUI or DWI conviction in Virginia, you’d have to file an FR44 certificate instead.

FAQ #2- How Long Do I Need SR22?

The amount of time the state requires you to maintain an SR22 filing varies depending on the frequency and severity of an offense and the state laws. However, most states require drivers to file SR22s for three to five years. The state could extend the requirement if the driver commits more severe violations during this time. SR22 insurance could also become a permanent requirement after multiple infractions. As soon as your SR22 requirement is satisfied, you should request your auto insurance carrier to terminate the filing; it doesn’t usually fall off your record automatically.

FAQ #3- Does an SR22 Impact the Insurance Rate?

Insurance premiums typically soar when a driver files an SR22; however, the form isn’t to blame. Your motor vehicle violations make the insurance carrier consider you a high-risk driver. How much your rate increases depends on several factors, such as the ZIP code, vehicle, seriousness of the violation, insurance history, and other underwriting guidelines. However, most people experience significant dips in insurance rates once the state terminates the SR-22 requirement.

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FAQ #4- What if  I Don’t Own a Vehicle?

If you don’t own a car, truck, or motorcycle, you need a non-owner insurance policy to cover you when you borrow someone else’s vehicle to drive. Your insurance provider will attach the SR22 certificate to the non-owner policy if you meet the requirements.

FAQ #5- How To Get the Best SR22 Insurance Rate

Working with a reputable insurance agency is key to saving money in the long run. If you’ve shopped around without finding a policy with a reasonable premium, check with the licensed agents at UltraCar Insurance.

Many people in Virginia trust our professionals for advice regarding comprehensive insurance coverage for a range of vehicles. Our professionals have helped drivers in the high-risk category get affordable, state-compliant personal and commercial auto and non-owner insurance at low rates.

If you need FR44 or SR22 insurance in Virginia to regain your driving privileges, call us now to speak to our qualified representatives. Or start your free online quote now!

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