SR-22 Insurance Step-By-Step Filing Guide

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Looking for SR-22 insurance in Virginia? UltraCar Insurance has you covered.

Filing SR-22 insurance can sometimes be a challenging process. So it helps high-risk drivers to understand the process of reinstating their license after a suspension for non-drug and non-alcohol-related convictions. To get started, look at this simplified guide to the basics of SR-22 insurance in Virginia.

Accidents and traffic violations happen, even though you try your hardest to avoid them. Still, the reality is that these incidents are sometimes unavoidable. Ideally, you’ll want to ensure you prevent traffic violations because they can significantly impact your driver’s record. Getting insurance as a driver with a clean record is straightforward. However, ask anyone with a checkered driving record, and they’ll tell you that getting insurance has been more difficult for them. Our SR-22 step-by-step filing guide will help!

If you’ve added enough demerit points on your record through traffic violations, you’ve probably heard about SR-22 insurance. Many assume that SR-22 is an auto insurance policy, but it’s not. Instead, the SR-22 is a financial responsibility form endorsed to an auto policy. Filing this form with the state guarantees you meet your state’s minimum insurance requirements.

The SR-22 insurance is for high-risk drivers reinstating their licenses following a license suspension. Ideally, you don’t want to get your license suspended. However, if you’re in this position now, you’ll need an SR-22 insurance certificate to get back on the road.

What is the SR-22 Insurance Certificate, and When Do You Need It?

As previously mentioned, the SR-22 insurance certificate is a means for high-risk drivers with a license suspension to reinstate their driving privileges. Generally, you’ll need SR-22 insurance if you have any of these motor vehicle violations:

  • Driving without a valid driver’s license
  • Accumulating excessive demerit points against your driving record
  • Driving without state-mandated insurance coverage
  • Driving with a suspended or expired license
  • Having a DUI or DWI conviction

It’s worth noting that minimum SR-22 insurance requirements vary from state to state. Another difference exists in Florida and Virginia. Most states require you to get an SR-22 insurance certificate for license reinstatement following a DUI or DWI conviction. But that’s not the case in Florida or Virginia. These states have a separate insurance certificate – the FR-44 – for alcohol and drug-related traffic violations.

A Step-by-Step Guide to SR-22 Filing

Assuming you need SR-22 insurance, this step-by-step guide to SR-22 filing is certain to help you get started.

Find an SR-22 Insurance Provider

Your current insurance provider may not offer SR-22 insurance filings. Since SR-22 insurance is a high-risk insurance certificate, many providers balk at providing it because they don’t want the added risk. An excellent first step is using the internet to find several SR-22 insurance providers before deciding on the right one for your needs.

Some Providers Charge a Filing Fee

Depending on your state of residence and insurance provider, you might have to pay a filing fee for the SR-22 insurance certificate. Most high-risk insurance providers no longer charge a filing fee. If they do, it generally ranges between $25 to $50. Your insurance provider will then attach your SR-22 insurance form with your auto insurance policy and submit it to your state’s DMV. This filing is usually the final step toward license reinstatement.

UltraCar Insurance minimizes the impact of license suspension by issuing and filing your AAMV Uniform Financial Responsibility Form for SR-22 insurance in roughly twenty minutes.

Keep Your SR-22 Insurance for the Mandated Time

Once your insurance provider files the SR-22 insurance form, you’ll need to maintain the associated insurance coverage for the entire period the state assigned it. Virginia’s DMV, for instance, requires you to carry SR-22 insurance for three years. Ensure you comply with the SR-22 terms to avoid another license suspension.

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Get SR-22 Insurance Certification from UltraCar Insurance

Are you looking for SR-22 or FR-44 insurance? Depending on the reason for your suspension, you’ll need to file one of these certificates for license reinstatement. UltraCar Insurance provides low SR-22 and FR-44 insurance rates in Virginia. We can also help you with cross-state SR-22 insurance.

UltraCar Insurance is a family-owned company in the St. Louis metro area, offering auto, non-owner, and motorcycle insurance in 34 states. You can obtain a standard insurance policy or tie your policy to a high-risk FR-44 and SR-22 insurance in Virginia certificate.

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