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Looking for affordable SR-22 insurance and an IID installation?

All states require an SR-22 insurance filing and often an ignition interlock installation to reinstate your license after a DUI/DWI violation. In Florida and Virginia, drivers with a DUI conviction will need an FR-44 filing and an IID. This blog post contains critical information about SR-22 insurance and ignition interlock systems.

Not every traffic violation is equally severe; however, each one affects your driving record. Getting a few tickets for speeding will impact your driving record, but more severe violations will complicate things. For instance, a DUI/DWI conviction will require you to get SR-22 and ignition interlock systems.

Auto insurance is necessary for any driver. Every U.S. state requires drivers to carry liability or full coverage insurance, meaning you can’t legally drive without having some insurance coverage. Obtaining car insurance as a driver with a clean driving record is usually straightforward. However, car insurance becomes trickier if you have a checkered driving history.

Some people mistakenly believe that filing an SR-22 eliminates the need to carry auto insurance. But that’s not how it works. After a license suspension, drivers must file an SR-22 certificate with the DMV before they can reinstate their license. Your insurance provider files the SR-22 on your behalf, verifying that you meet your state’s requirements for insurance coverage.

Most states require drivers to file an SR-22 certification for license reinstatement following a DUI conviction. Florida and Virginia are exceptions because they have the FR-44 certificate for DUI convictions. While getting an SR-22 filing is relatively easy, you must prepare to pay higher insurance premiums.

 How Can You Get Your Driving Privileges Back?

The courts will usually assign specific penalties and fines that the offender must satisfy for license reinstatement. These generally include completing community service, jail time, and a period of mandatory license suspension. The court may also require an individual to install an interlock ignition device and buy SR-22 insurance (or FR-44 insurance in Florida and Virginia).

You should check with your insurance provider to see if they offer SR-22 insurance. You’ll need SR-22 or FR-44 insurance from a high-risk auto insurance provider if they don’t. UltraCar Insurance provides SR-22 insurance in 34 states and FR-44 insurance in Florida and Virginia.

Once you’ve obtained the SR-22 insurance, your provider must file the certificate with your state’s DMV. Installing an ignition interlock device from a state-approved provider and submitting an SR-22 or FR-44 certification will help you regain driving privileges.

How Long Do You Have to Pay for SR-22 Insurance?

The states generally have similar requirements for buying and maintaining SR-22 insurance. Most states require SR-22 coverage for three years, but sometimes that time may extend to five years. The court will clarify each person’s license reinstatement requirements at sentencing.

When Does Your Record Get Expunged?

Expungement means potential employers or landlords cannot have access to or consider the conviction. Likewise, the state will remove the conviction from your record. Getting your record expunged takes time. States have different requirements for expungement. Some states allow expungement after a specific time frame, others allow it after your probation period, and others do not allow it for DUI convictions (Florida).

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Get SR-22 and Ignition Interlock Systems from UltraCar Insurance

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