How To Restore Your Driving Record After A DUI

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One of the biggest mistakes a driver can make is to take a chance to drive under the influence. The outcomes can range from being lucky to get to your destination to the unthinkable – being responsible for injury or death. One of the “in-between” consequences of drunk driving is losing your driving privileges. One of the steps you can take to restore your driving record is buying high-risk FR-44 insurance in Florida.

Are you looking for ways to restore your driving record after a DUI and stop paying high insurance premiums? The way to get started is to get high-risk FR-44 insurance in Florida.

Many U.S. drivers face penalties for motor vehicle violations such as speeding, driving under the influence (DUI), and running red lights or stop signs. Some states use a “point system” to keep track of these infractions. Therefore, committing multiple minor offenses will result in your driver’s license suspension at some point.

Dangerous violations like DUI add more points to a driver’s record and result in immediate license suspension. You’ll need to file for FR-44 insurance in Florida when that happens. The higher coverage requirements will increase your auto insurance premiums. Still, there are ways you can get lower insurance rates. After a DUI conviction, your insurance premiums will return to the lower standard coverage requirements and rates once you complete you no longer need high-risk FR-44 insurance in Florida.

Ways To Improve Your Driving Record

Many less serious traffic violations fall off a driving record after three to five years; however, serious infractions may remain much longer. Florida does not allow the expungement of a DUI/DWI conviction from a driver’s record. But you can still take steps to improve your record following less serious driving violations. Here are a couple of ways you can achieve this goal.

Take Driving Courses

Completing a state-approved driving education program can help you avoid adding points to your license. People who successfully finish a defensive driving program may be eligible for reduced insurance premiums. Some insurers may even offer discounts on premiums just for taking the course. In some states, the DMV can remove points from their driving record when a driver completes the program.

Drive Responsibly

One of the best ways to maintain a perfect driving record is by being a responsible driver on the road. Responsible, defensive driving requires you to follow all state traffic laws and guidelines, which means not exceeding speed limits, parking illegally, or driving under the influence. These are just a few ways drivers can improve their driving record after a DUI and avoid legal trouble.

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How to Get High-Risk FR-44 Insurance in Florida

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