How To Reinstate Your License After A DUI Violation in Virginia

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Getting a DUI conviction leads to license suspension, which means having to file an FR44 certificate to reinstate it. A court or the Virginia DMV levy severe consequences for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. They include having to pay fines, getting more expensive insurance, and installing an IID in your vehicle.

Getting a Virginia DUI license suspension can make life very difficult because safe and affordable public transportation is lacking in many areas. So you want to be able to reinstate your license after a DUI as quickly as possible. Convicted drivers must wait out the entire suspension period and satisfy all state requirements before restoring their Virginia driving privileges. Here’s what to know about getting your license reinstated after a DUI violation in Virginia.

Virginia DUI Convictions: Reinstatement Requirements

The requirements for reinstating a driver’s license after one or more DUI convictions greatly depend on specific penalties or criminal charges, including the number of prior DUI or DWI convictions. The state may not restore driving privileges if a driver also has other outstanding criminal charges.

In most cases, the state DMV sends a suspension notice by mail to individuals convicted of DUI violations. Otherwise, you can call your state DMV office or use their online database to check your license and liability insurance status. You’ll need to enter your driver’s license number, personal information, and Social Security number into the database to get the necessary details.

To get full driving privileges reinstated, you’ll need to comply with all the DMV-set terms of the suspension. These requirements might include the following:

Complete the Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program

Persons with a DWI/DUI license suspension can enroll in approved DUI programs run by non-profit organizations. These targeted classes provide appropriate alcohol and drug education to individuals. They usually have specific registration fees according to course length and whether you’re a first-time offender or have multiple violations. However, be prepared to invest several hours in the program.

Enroll in a Driver Improvement (DI) Program

Some states may require you to complete driver improvement or defensive driving courses. You can re-learn driving basics during these classes, along with proper safety measures and a qualified instructor’s driving skills assessment.

Man stopped over for an alcohol breath test receiving a DUI conviction

Obtain Proof of Insurance and Pay Outstanding Court Fines and Reinstatement Fees

Suppose you have a DUI conviction for operating a vehicle while intoxicated by alcohol or other drugs. In that case, you’ll need to file an FR44 certificate to reinstate your license. For motor vehicle violations not involving alcohol/drugs, you’ll file an SR22 certificate.

You’ll need to file an SR22 or an FR44 certificate through an auto insurance company – either your current one or a high-risk insurance provider. These forms are “certificates of financial responsibility” the state requires as a condition for reinstating your driving privileges.

Install an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) in Your Vehicle

Once your suspension period is over and the state grants license reinstatement, you may need to install a portable breathalyzer – an Ignition Interlock Device (IID). This device requires a clean breath sample. If the device registers alcohol in your breath, it won’t allow you to operate the vehicle. Even if it’s a first offense, you’ll likely need to install an IID in your car.

You can ask your insurance provider about getting an ignition interlock device, or the court or state DMV are other resources for information about meeting this requirement.

You’ll be responsible for maintenance and installation costs for the IID. The technician can help set up payment schedules, install the device, and show you how to use it. Never try to tinker with the IID device yourself. Tampering, intentional or by mistake, could land you in much trouble.

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