Get Back On The Road After An Oregon DUI License Suspension

Follow these 4 easy steps to reinstate your license after an Oregon DUI license suspension. Call us or click the quote button today!

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A person drinking and driving will need Oregon SR-22 insurance.

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An Oregon SR-22 insurance filing is necessary to restore your driving privileges after an Oregon DUI license suspension. This involves endorsing an SR-22 certificate to an auto or non-owner insurance policy. High-risk auto insurance providers like UltraCar Insurance offer policies that meet minimum SR-22 liability coverage requirements and file the certificate for you.

Getting an Oregon DUI license suspension is frustrating since you lose your driving privileges and suffer financial penalties. Getting Oregon DUI insurance (SR-22) is one of the last steps to reinstate your license. We’re here to help you with that step by attaching an Oregon SR-22 certificate to your auto policy and filing it with the DMV.

UltraCar Insurance specializes in providing drivers with affordable SR-22 insurance in Oregon. We compare the rates of top insurance companies to find the best rate for your needs and budget. We’ll lock in your rate, issue your policy, and file your SR-22 certificate the same day you contact us.

What do you do after an Oregon DUI License Suspension?

This article explains the license reinstatement process in four simple steps. Let’s get you on your way to regaining your driving privileges!

Step 1: Complete All License Reinstatement Requirements

There are typically several things the state requires you to do before filing an SR-22 certificate. You can determine your reinstatement requirements from your Suspension Notice. They may include paying fines/fees, taking a driver improvement course, completing community service, serving jail time, or other actions.

The state will determine your requirements based on the incident that caused your DUI license suspension and your driving history. You must fulfill these conditions before obtaining and filing an SR-22 certificate. This link explains many aspects of reinstating your license.

A person with SR-22 insurance driving after an Oregon DUI license suspension.

Step 2: Purchase Oregon DUI Insurance

DUI insurance (SR-22) isn’t a policy but a document filed with the Oregon DMV. This form is endorsed to your auto insurance policy (or a non-owner insurance policy if you don’t own a car). A high-risk insurance provider files it with the Oregon DMV as proof of your financial responsibility. In other words, it guarantees that you maintain required liability insurance to cover bodily injuries and damage to vehicles or property if you cause an accident.

When you have an Oregon DUI license suspension, your SR-22 insurance policy must meet the minimum liability coverage requirements outlined by the state DMV, which are:

  • $25,000 bodily injury compensation per person
  • $50,000 physical injury compensation per accident
  • $20,000 property damage compensation per accident
  • $25,000/$50,000 uninsured motorist bodily injury

You don’t have to remember these limits yourself, as all insurance companies offering SR-22 insurance in Oregon must provide the same minimum coverage.

Finding SR-22 Insurance After an Oregon DUI License Suspension

The details of your DUI conviction, the vehicle you want to insure, and other factors such as zip code determine how much your SR-22 insurance costs are. Drivers must maintain this insurance for three years after their DUI conviction (which is different from the incident date). So DUI insurance premiums add up to a significant amount over that time. Therefore, finding the lowest rate possible is essential. Companies specializing in Oregon SR-22 insurance usually offer lower rates than standard/preferred car insurance companies. That’s if they will even sell high-risk insurance policies.

High-risk insurance providers are familiar with risk assessment for high-risk drivers and the applicable laws about SR22 DUI insurance certificates. Filing incorrect paperwork could result in additional penalties and fines and even extend your suspension period.

UltraCar Insurance surveys top insurance companies to find the lowest rate for your needs. With over a decade of experience working in 34 states, we know which companies can provide you with the best policy and cheapest rate. We’ve helped over 129,000 customers across the U.S. find affordable car insurance.

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An Oregon SR-22 auto insurance policy.

Step 3: Get an Ignition Interlock Device

The Oregon State Police Ignition Interlock Device Program requires most drivers with an Oregon DUI license suspension to have an IID installed by an approved provider.

What if you need SR22 insurance, don’t own a car, and need to borrow one occasionally? In that case, you’ll need permission from a vehicle owner you know to install the device in their car.

As a convenience to our clients, UltraCar Insurance partners with Intoxalock®, an Oregon state-approved IID provider. Intoxalock® is an industry leader in ignition interlock systems in the U.S. Their devices are reliable, fast, and easy to use, so you can go about your day without unnecessary delays.

Our customers can get FREE installation of an ignition interlock device from Intoxalock®. Call us with any questions, or visit our Intoxalock page for information, and a link to claim your free installation.

Step 4: File Your SR-22 Certificate with the Oregon DMV

Are you eligible for license reinstatement after paying fines and completing other state requirements? When you accept our insurance quote, we’ll issue your auto or non-owner insurance policy, attach the SR-22 certificate, and electronically file it with the DMV. It’s just that easy!

A person celebrating getting their driver's license back after an Oregon DUI license suspension.

UltraCar Insurance understands the stress you’re going through after an Oregon DUI license suspension. That’s why we make driver’s license reinstatement quick and affordable to help you get on the road again. And we never charge a filing fee! Ready to get your driving privileges back? Call us or start an online quote for Oregon DUI insurance now.

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