What Are Ignition Interlocks In Florida?

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Ignition interlocks and FR-44 in Florida

Do you need to install an IID after a DUI conviction?

Drivers caught drunk driving often need to install ignition interlocks in Florida and obtain FR-44 insurance Florida to reinstate their license. The purpose of interlock devices is to prevent drunk driving after license reinstatement. Installation and maintenance costs of IIDs vary by company.

Under Florida law, one of the penalties for driving under the influence is participating in the state’s Ignition Interlock Program. Florida’s ignition interlock program and FR-44 insurance Florida are essential to the state’s ability to prevent or deter DUI/DWI. Therefore, understanding what IIDs are and how they work is helpful. This blog post gives you some basic information about ignition interlocks in Florida.

How Does the Florida IID Program Work?

Article 316.193, Florida Statutes requires individuals convicted of DUI/DWI to install an ignition interlock device in their vehicle as part of the license reinstatement process. The purpose of ignition interlock devices is to prevent drivers from operating their cars if they have alcohol in their system. First, the IID functions like a breathalyzer to measure the alcohol concentration in the breath sample. Second, if the breath test detects the presence of alcohol at .02 percent, the IID prevents the engine from starting.

In 2002, the IID requirement in the statute became necessary to get a hardship license or to reinstate a suspended license.

How Much Do Ignition Interlocks in Florida Cost?

The main IID expenses are installation and monthly lease charges. The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) authorizes various service providers and manufacturers to provide certified IID installations around the state, including Intoxalock.

The average monthly cost to lease an IID is about $75, which continues until the IID requirement ends. Depending on the company that installs the device, you can expect to pay between $70 and $150 for the installation. The Florida Safety Council outlines additional information about Florida IID costs and requirements.

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How to Get An Ignition Interlock

An ignition interlock device is one of the requirements for license reinstatement; another is to file for FR-44 insurance Florida. There’s no better company to assist you with these needs than UltraCar Insurance. We’re one of the top SR22 FR44 Insurance providers in the country. Countless Florida drivers have trusted us for over a decade for low rates on FR-44 insurance in Florida. Contact us today to start your license reinstatement process!

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