How to Get Your Suspended Driver’s License Reinstated

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There are a variety of ways to get a license suspension, but how do you get your license reinstated? There are several actions you’ll take to regain your driving privileges after a suspension. The final step in the process is to get an auto or non-owner insurance policy with an SR22 insurance or FR44 insurance filing.

How do you get your suspended license reinstated if you get too many speeding tickets, drive without insurance coverage, or get caught drunk driving? Having a suspended license means you can’t legally drive your car. And that makes getting to work or buying groceries impractical, or requires you to use other modes of transportation.

The state where you reside and the circumstances of your license suspension determine how quickly you can regain your driving privileges.  On that note, let’s look at the ways to reinstate your driving privileges.

3 Ways To Get Your License Reinstated

If the state revokes or suspends your driver’s license, it is possible to obtain a restricted or reinstated license. The reinstatement process depends on your state’s procedures and the grounds for your license suspension. It may be necessary to use some or all of the following approaches to reach that goal.

Take An Approved Class

When the state suspends your license for drinking and driving, reckless driving, or exceeding points, you may have to complete an approved DUI, defensive driving, or driver improvement program. As part of the training, you’ll brush up on the fundamentals of safe driving and address any weaknesses you may have in those areas.

In most cases, non-profit groups offer alcohol and drug education programs to DUI offenders. Expect to spend at least a few hours in the classroom, regardless if this is your first or a subsequent conviction. You will have to pay a fee in addition to passing the course. If it is your first conviction for DUI in Florida, the registration charge is $275.

Pay The Fine

You’ll likely have to pay a fine to get your suspended license reinstated. Keep in mind that the amount of the fines and reinstatement fees vary from state to state, so it’s good practice to learn about them. Your state DMV website is a good place to find this information.

File An SR-22 or FR-44 Insurance Certificate

The state may require you to get an SR-22 certificate, commonly called proof of financial responsibility, to reinstate your license.  You’ll submit an SR-22 form if your violation did not involve alcohol or drugs. In Florida and Virginia, you must file a different form called FR-44 if you have a DUI-related suspension. These forms certify that you have the minimum auto liability insurance required by your state. You’ll need to keep your proof of SR-22 or FR-44 insurance available whenever you operate a vehicle.

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